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Perkie's Observations: Chase Warns Michael About Kidnapping on General Hospital

Josh Swickard, Chad Duell

Josh Swickard, Chad Duell

Harmony admits to Willow that she knows she was pregnant when she ran away from DOD. She says she didn't tell Shiloh and wants to meet her grandchild. Willow lies and says she miscarried. Harmony wants Willow back into the fold, but Willow says her mother pressured her to be with Shiloh.

Willow says her mother got jealous once Shiloh took a greater interest in Willow. Willow accuses Harmony of pimping her out.

Chase asks Michael if his family took Kristina out of DOD. If they did, it will give Shiloh a weapon to use against them. Michael insists Kristina left town to clear her head. Chase warns him there could be criminal charges if Kristina was kidnapped.

Kristina calls Valerie with Alexis' phone. Alexis grabs it before Kristina can say more than needing Val's help. Kristina accuses Alexis of kidnapping her. Alexis wants to know who Kristina called, but Kristina refuses to tell.

Sam starts undoing her shirt at Shiloh's insistence so she can reveal herself.

Valerie walks in downstairs, calling out for Kristina. Shiloh tells Valerie that Kristina hasn't been around for the last few days. Sam says Kristina has gone on a trip to clear her head. Valerie doesn't believe her, but accepts it and leaves.

Julian's paying Curtis for his services as Ava's bodyguard when she walks up and tells them her vendetta is over. She believes Ryan is dead. After Ava leaves, Curtis tells Julian he's heading to Canada to check out leads.

Laura tells Kevin she agrees with Ava's plan to draw Ryan out. Kevin's worried the plan will backfire, but Laura believes it's worth a shot to find out the truth.

TJ tells Jordan she's at risk of losing her remaining kidney and she could die without a transplant. Jordan is aware of her situation, but asks TJ not to tell Curtis the truth.

Jason tells Sonny the cup had drugs in it, which angers Sonny. He wants Shiloh eliminated, but Jason says Kristina will blame herself and she'll be lost to Sonny forever.

Ava joins Kevin and Laura to discuss their plan. Laura makes sure Ava understands it's all for show and Kevin is still married to her. Ava claims she has no interest in Kevin and she sees her daughter's murderer when she looks at him.

Laura wonders if she and Kevin should stage a public argument, but he'd rather spend the night making love.

Neil thinks Alexis wanted Kristina to find her phone to spare her the pain of the intervention. Alexis denies this and wants to know how to save her. Neil warns the outcome may not be positive for Kristina, but she has a good support system.

Kristina eavesdrops as Alexis admits she doesn't recognize her daughter anymore and wants her back.

Valerie tells Chase about Kristina's call and how Sam told her she was out of town. Chase figures either way Kristina is now a missing person and wants to investigate.

Harmony tells Shiloh about her meeting with Willow. She decides it's time to move back to Beechers Corners.

Michael warns Sonny that Chase might be onto them. Sonny assures him the police have no evidence of a kidnapping.

Sam meets with Jason and says she doesn't know how much longer she can do this. She tells him about her revealing moment with Shiloh, which was interrupted by Valerie. Jason tells her about the cup so Sam decides she has to keep going so she can get evidence against Shiloh.