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The Young and the Restless’ Onscreen Goodbye to Kristoff St. John and Neil Winters Grips Viewers (PHOTOS)

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Kristoff St. John

The shocking death of Kristoff St. John rocked The Young and the Restless and fans in February, and this week we are seeing the passing of Neil Winters play out onscreen.

Viewers watched as Neil’s son Devon (Bryton James) looks for his father, who hadn’t appeared at the opening of his new club with Abby (Melissa Ordway), Society. Devon returns to the club in a daze and breaks the news to his family. Lily (Christel Khalil) gets the news first, then Cane (Daniel Goddard), followed by his nephew and niece, as other members of the extended family gathered.

Traci Abbott (Beth Maitland) overhears the terrible news and shares it with Abby as Tuesday’s episode wrapped.

On Wednesday, the news of Neil’s passing continues to spread through Genoa City as Abby breaks the news to Jack (Peter Bergman) and Ashley (Eileen Davidson). Jack reels and calls Victor (Eric Braeden) to tell him. Victor, who is at Newman, is shaken as the show cuts to the Winters family gathering at Devon’s house and Lily demanding medical answers from Nate (Sean Dominic). 

The show returns with Jack and Victor talking about how this is a time when something like their rivalry doesn’t matter. Victor puts Jack on speaker and Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) sinks to a chair, shaken by the news. Back at the Abbott mansion, Ashley is weeping. 

Devon blames himself for putting too much pressure on Neil and being responsible for Lily going to prison. Lily says she is the one to blame and runs out. Jack and Ashley reminisce, and share their favorite memories about Neil. The siblings, who have had the corporate knives out for each other for months, share a touching moment.

The Winters family continues to go through the stages of grief as Lily unloads about how it is all her fault. Meanwhile, Mariah (Camryn Grimes) and Tessa (Cait Fairbanks) discuss how Mariah should best handle Neil’s death on GC Buzz. 

Abby arrives at Newman and talks with her father and stepmother about Neil. Jack and Ashley continue to mourn at the Abbott mansion. Ashley shares how deeply she cared for Neil. Jack says he knows and would have been happy for his dear friend and sister if they’d been together. Jack tells Ashley that Neil would not want her to have any regrets.

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Mariah shows up at Devon’s house. Devon tells Mariah, “here we are again” to which Mariah replies, “and it sucks as much as it did the last time.” Cane finds Lily at Crimson Lights and Lily shares what Neil’s last words to her were. Cane reminds Lily how much Neil loved her and how much joy her release from prison brought her.

Back at Newman, Victor and Nikki continue to reminisce. Victor says there are very few people in his life like Neil and how he had true affection for his friend. Nikki begs Victor not to leave her and not tell her where he is. She says she couldn’t handle him being alone.

Ashley brings up Malcom (Shemar Moore) and Neil’s relationship and how, even though they were half-siblings, there was nothing half about how they loved each other. Jack and Ashley consider calling a truce.

Mariah comforts Devon before she prepares to leave. She asks about preparing a statement. Devon says he can’t think about it right now. After Mariah leaves Devon sees Neil’s spirit and begins to tell him how much he needs his father.

Mariah returns home and Tessa is singing on the fire escape. Her song continues to play in the background through the end of the episode.

Nikki asks Victor to tell her why he’s been taking all the mysterious trips. The two hug before Nikki leaves Newman.

Ashley and Jack shake on a truce in their war over Jabot. Cane and Lily embrace.

The episode ends with Devon crying on the stairs and a photo of Neil prominently displayed for viewers.