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Perkie's Observations: Oscar Quartermaine Asks For Jason's Help on General Hospital

Steve Burton, Garren Stitt

Steve Burton, Garren Stitt

Kim and Drew are happy when Oscar hangs out with Josslyn and Cameron. Jason shows up. Oscar announces his name change to Quartermaine, then asks for time alone with Jason. Oscar asks if Jason will still be the executor of his will, which Jason agrees to.

Finn shows Robert the engagement ring while Anna's distracted by a phone call from Robin. Robert ends up with the ring, even after Finn leaves. Anna reassures Robert that Finn is the one for her. Later, Finn texts Robert that he wants his ring back.

Lulu's back in town and catching up with Peter. Lulu says she wants to interview Ava. Peter brings up Dante, but Lulu says she understands why he left and is okay with it.

Sasha shows up late for work, feeling under the weather. Maxie's trying to find a dress for her date with Peter which annoys Nina. Later, Maxie meets up with Peter, but the two decide to postpone their date.

Carly updates Sonny on her doctor's appointment. Michael shows up, also feeling under the weather. They discuss Kristina and plan their next move. After Michael leaves, Avery overhears CarSon talk about the new baby.

Oscar wants to take a ride on Jason's motorcycle, but the women in his life disapprove. Drew thinks it's a good idea. After the ride, Oscar says he wants Drew and Jason to figure out how to be brothers. Later, Oscar records a video for Josslyn on Cameron's phone.

Nina takes Sasha to the hospital to have Finn check her out. Michael shows up. Nina says Sasha's been given something for her fever that made her drowsy. Michael hears Sasha mutter that she wishes Nina was her real mother.