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Perkie's Observations: A Group Gathers to Smoke Out Ryan on General Hospital

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Kevin Collins, Ava Jerome, Franco, Mac Scorpio, Felisha Scorpio, Laura Spencer, General Hospital

Jon Lindstrom, Maura West, Roger Howarth, John J. York, Kristina Wagner, Genie Francis, Emme Rylan

Jason, Sam, and Sonny discuss the DOD case. Sonny has sent Milo undercover to the house to pretend he's interested in Shiloh's teachings. Sam wants Milo to create a distraction so she can get into the room and find Kristina's pledge.

Milo shows up at the house and lays it on thick that he needs Shiloh's guidance for his sorry sack life.

Operation Ava and Kevin is underway. Everyone gathers at the cemetery for a memorial service for Ryan's hand. Lulu plans on streaming everything and posting it online in the hopes that Ryan will see and react to it.

Franco joins them, but he's confused as to why they're honoring Ryan. Kevin says it's for closure. Franco is really confused when Ava and Kevin get cuddly. Lucy's on the rounds to recruit people for the Nurses Ball. She checks in with Jordan and Margaux for looking for special talent, which neither has.

Valerie and Chase find Jordan and Margaux, and tell them they want to open an investigation into Kristina's absence. Chase says it's been more than 48 hours and she was last seen at the DOD house.

Valerie explains that Kristina called, but was cut off. Chase tells them about his talk with Michael. Jordan says Kristina's parents haven't reported her missing. Margaux points out that Shiloh has not stepped outside the law.

Valerie says she's worried that Kristina could be in danger. Jordan agrees to an investigation, but Margaux stops them. She says she won't allocate resources for this. Chase accuses her of protecting Shiloh. Later Chase and Valerie agree to investigate without Margaux's approval. Jordan walks away and passes out.

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Curtis is in Niagara Falls trying to find out information on the pharmacy break in. He finds a vagrant who tells him that someone tried to hire him to do the break in, but he refused. Curtis wants a name or a description of the guy. The vagrant tells him that it was a woman.

Sam goes back to the DOD house and tells Shiloh that Kristina is still working things out. Shiloh wants to continue their private time, but she reminds him he has new seekers (namely new recruit Milo) to guide.
While Shiloh is distracted by Milo, Sam breaks into the room and goes through the cabinet. She finds her own file, which includes the overhead photo of her and Shiloh with the red scarf.

Neil stops by Sonny's brand spanking new kitchen to update him on Kristina. He says Kristina will be ready for another family meeting soon. He mentions that Kristina overheard Alexis' breakdown about being worried and realizes that her family has done this out of love.

Sonny asks about the pledge, but Jason points out Kristina knows nothing about the business. Neil says Kristina is still too fragile to discuss the pledge. Neil mentions the phone call, which he believes was to someone who Kristina moved away from.

Jason figures out it must be Valerie. Sonny mentions she's a police officer, which bothers Neil. Sonny says the police won't find anything. Neil says exit strategies don't always work and Kristina could still go to the police once she's released. Kevin and the gang continue their memorial at the Metro Court.

Franco's still confused, so Ava explains she went to see Kevin. She wanted to talk, but felt a connection. Lucy shows up and gets upset when she sees Ava and Kevin all over each other. Kevin says he's comforting a kindred spirit

Lucy refuses to accept it and says Kevin will end up heartbroken. Lulu tapes everything and posts it online. Felicia is hopeful it will get Ryan's attention.

Ava's phone rings.