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Perkie's Observations: Neil Helps Alexis Plan Her Next Move on General Hospital

Joe Flanigan

Joe Flanigan

Shiloh finds Sam wandering around upstairs and warns her she can't be up there until she becomes a member of the trust. Sam says she's ready and willing as Milo shows up looking for her.

Finn asks Liz if she's heard from Hayden. He has things to discuss with her.

Jordan collapses and Stella finds her. She calls out to Finn and Liz, who help get Jordan into a room and checked out. When Jordan comes to, Finn tells her that she has a kidney infection and will start her on antibiotics.

Curtis tries to find out the name of the woman who tried to hire the vagrant, but he says she never gave a name. He did notice the logo of school on her car. Curtis calls Jordan to update her, but Jordan doesn't take the call. Liz tells Jordan to tell Curtis the truth and to lean on him.

Ava gets a phone call, but can't hear anyone. Mac grabs the phone from her and demands answers. The caller claims it was a wrong number, though Mac heard sounds of a shipyard in the background. Ava tells Kevin that it's not a coincidence.

Kevin tells Mac and Felicia that he needs to do everything he can to catch Ryan. He blames the three deaths on his arrogance and foolishness. Mac tells him not to martyr himself.

Sonny and Neil update Alexis on the latest. Kristina called Valerie on Alexis' phone. Neil is certain Kristina didn't have time to say very much and Sonny is certain Valerie won't follow up. Alexis however, is sure the police are going to get involved.

Neil tells them that Kristina is ready for another family meeting tomorrow, but they can't criticize DOD to her. He says Kristina needs to realize for herself that DOD doesn't meet her needs.

Chase tells Valerie he believes Margaux's judgement is compromised when it comes to Shiloh. Valerie calls in a favor to get a trace on the number that Kristina called her from.

Franco stops by the Q mansion to see Drew. He has a painting that Oscar liked and offers to give it to him. The two discuss the difficult time Drew is having now, realizing that Oscar has no future.

Franco tells him he's still grieving for Kiki and everyone has to grieve in their own way. He's waiting for the day when Kiki's life is not overwhelmed by her death because it's what Kiki would have wanted. Drew is grateful for Franco's support.

Lulu wants to reinforce the Ava-Kevin connection and records an exclusive interview with Ava. Ava says Ryan was there when she needed him, pretending to be Kevin and she fell for him. She claims the real Kevin has been supportive of her and she's leaning on him now.

Valerie and Chase show up at Alexis', so Neil hides out in the kitchen. Valerie asks about Kristina. Alexis says she's out of town with friends. Valerie says she got a call from Kristina and she traced the phone to Alexis.

Alexis grabs Kristina's cell phone from her own purse and claims she and Kristina got their phones mixed up. Sonny backs her. Valerie wants to activate the tracking device on Alexis' phone, but Alexis says she knows where Kristina is.

Chase wants to verify Kristina's whereabouts, but Alexis says she's not disclosing that. After they leave, Alexis worries they are onto them. Sonny says Alexis can't go to the meeting tomorrow since the police will likely follow her.

Neil believes Kristina needs her mother to be there because it's a critical time in her deprograming.

Jordan calls Curtis to tell him what happened. He returns to be with her. Finn updates them that if the antibiotics don't work, Jordan will need a transplant.

Chase and Valerie plan to stake out Alexis' house, ready to follow her to Kristina. Neil points out to Alexis that police will be following her car. Alexis decides she won't be in her car.

Sam tells Milo about the picture of her and doesn't know why Shiloh would have taken it. She now believes that she can't trust anything he says and has to watch her back. Sonny shows up for an update. Sam says she knows Kristina's pledge is there and she'll need to become a member of the trust to get it. (Or you could break into the room again while Shiloh is distracted and find it, and not get distracted by the shiny object that is your own file. Crack PI that one.)