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Perkie's Observations: Oscar Gets Escorted to the Upper Room on General Hospital

Garren Stitt

Garren Stitt

Josslyn sits at Oscar's bedside reading a book, until she falls asleep.

Julian lets Kim know he's there for her. She sits with Drew and says she believes Oscar is fighting with everything he has.

Liz and Terry discuss Oscar's case. Terry says she's been trying to find something she might have missed, but the results always end the same way. Liz reassures Terry she did everything she could.

Ned finds Monica in the family crypt. She says she knows the Quartermaines will look out for Oscar.

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Sonny and Carly check out the babies in the nursery. Carly admits she doesn't know how to help Josslyn through this pain.

Trina keeps Cameron company while he writes an essay on what it's like to be a good friend. The paper turns out to be about Oscar.

"Lila" comes to Oscar and puts her hand on his chest. Oscar has a dream he's been granted a miracle and is in remission. Everyone is happy for Oscar, but he eventually realizes that his time has come.

Kim feels a shift in the air as the spirit of Oscar leaves his body, kisses Josslyn goodbye, and leaves with "Edward and Lila".

RIP Oscar Nero Quartermaine.