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Perkie's Observations: Shiloh Wants Sam's . . . Secret on General Hospital

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General Hospital

Coby Ryan McLaughlin

Josslyn wakes up and realizes that Oscar has passed. Kim and Drew enter the room and sit with him as Ned tries to comfort Josslyn. Drew comforts Monica, who says she'll make the necessary phone calls.

Ned sits with Drew, who says it doesn't feel right to leave Oscar now. Ned says Oscar was a remarkable person and he was lucky to have Drew as his father.

Kim sits with Oscar and talks about what it was like to be his mother. Ned gives Josslyn a song that Oscar wrote for her for the Nurses Ball. Josslyn calls Carly, who heads to the mansion. Carly gives Kim her condolences before comforting Josslyn.

Sam updates Jason that Shiloh has a file on her (why this is a surprise to her, she confuses me). Jason gives her the news about Oscar.

Chase finds Michael and asks him again about Kristina's whereabouts. Michael claims Kristina has not disappeared.

Shiloh stops by to see Willow to tell her that Harmony is back in Beechers Corners. He says Willow can now take her rightful place at his side. Willow says she wants nothing to do with DOD.

Shiloh warns her if she chooses not to return, he'll have to release her from her pledge. He says Willow needs to reconsider her options since he only has so much patience.

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Michael gets to the school as Shiloh is leaving. He asks if she still wants to talk to Kristina. Willow agrees to it because she's done being bullied by Shiloh.

Chase shows up to see Willow and wonders why Michael was there. Willow says she'll be talking to Kristina to prevent her from going back to Shiloh. Chase realizes that Michael knows where Kristina is and wants Willow to tell him once she's spoken to her. Willow says the only crime here will be if Kristina is sent back to DOD.

Franco approaches Cameron about his reaction to Aiden. Cameron assures him he isn't ashamed of his brother, but kids are mean. He says Franco and Liz are setting Aiden up to be hurt by those who call him gay.

Drew sits and talks with Oscar. Jason shows up and comforts Monica, Kim and, Josslyn. Josslyn talks to Oscar one last time. Carly's upset that she can't help Josslyn, but Jason is there for her.

Shiloh stops by Sam's and wonders why she seems so preoccupied. Sam tells him that Oscar passed away. Shiloh says the dead don't need us to wallow in their absence and it's time for her to join the trust.

Shiloh hands Sam a recording device and says he wants a piece of information from her to prove her faith in DOD. Sam realizes he wants a secret that will hurt someone she loves. Shiloh says she'll then be ready for her initiation.

Drew announces that Jason is the executor of Oscar's estate. Oscar asked that part of his inheritance be donated to help teens apply for grants.

Liz tells Cameron that Oscar died. He claims he's fine, but heads to an empty stairwell to cry. Josslyn sends him a text, but Cameron can't respond.

Paramedics arrive and take Oscar's body away.