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Perkie's Observations: Willow Pops In to Chat With Kristina on General Hospital

Katelyn MacMullen

Katelyn MacMullen

Kim's moving out of the mansion and back to her apartment, though Drew wants her to stay a few days longer. He feels she's shouldn't be alone and wants her company. Kim says she's grateful to the Quartermaines for everything they've done for Oscar, but she isn't one of them. Kim says she needs to go back and face her empty place.

Sam tells Jason about the pledge and how Shiloh wants something damaging from her to show trust. She's decided she's going to give Shiloh what he wants. Jason tells her to make the pledge about him, something that could send him to prison.

Sam claims she doesn't know anything incriminating, so Jason says he'll have Spinelli make up a fake murder. Sam worries that Shiloh could turn it over to Margaux. Jason's not worried since it won't be a real case.

Julian runs into Willow, who wants to talk to him about Brad. Willow says Brad has been taking classes with DOD, which concerns her. Julian says the organization has done good work in the community and doesn't understand what the problem is. Willow lays it on thick that the problem is Shiloh and his influence over Brad, and eventually Wylie. Julian promises to look into it.

Shiloh asks Michael if he's been in contact with Kristina. Michael denies he has. Shiloh says Kristina always has a home with DOD and doesn't understand why Kristina would up and leave. Michael feels Shiloh is more interested in Kristina's money, but Shiloh says Kristina's commitment runs deeper.

Sonny sneaks into Alexis' house and tells her that Valerie is parked at the end of the driveway keeping an eye on her. Alexis says it's essential that they see Kristina today and has a plan to make sure the police don't follow her.

Diane shows up at the house. Valerie notes it and makes a call to Chase. Diane and Alexis switch clothes and wear wigs. Alexis is able to sneak away. Valerie ends up following Diane around town. When Valerie ends up at Kelly's, Diane reveals herself and warns Valerie to back off or she'll sue for harassment.

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Kristina's happily playing board games with Milo. Neil asks if she's ready for another family session.

Shiloh stops by to offer his condolences to Drew. He says he got to know Oscar while he was staying at DOD and he was a great kid. Shiloh brings up the lost memories again. Drew gets angry and says he doesn't want to lose the last 5 years. Shiloh backs off and offers an open door to Drew. He gives Drew Oscar's copy of DOD book as a memory.

Alexis and Sonny get to the safe house. Neil tells them Kristina is ready for another session. He warns them to let her set the pace. Kristina says she's had time to think and while it was wrong to kidnap her, she understands why they did it.

Kristina admits she heard Alexis tell Neil she doesn't recognize her anymore. Kristina understands they're scared for her, but doesn't believe that it's Shiloh's fault. Kristina says she can't promise she'll leave DOD once she's released and hope they understand her choice.

Kim gets home to find a memorial set up in front of her apartment door and breaks down crying. Julian shows up to offer his support so she wont be alone. Kim says she'll never be ready to face the empty apartment, but knows she has to start somewhere. Julian helps her go in.

Michael heads over to the school to see if Willow is still willing to talk to Kristina. Willow says she had to be honest with Chase. Michael warns her that what she's doing could cost her her relationship.

Sam calls Shiloh and lets him know that her pledge is ready.

Michael shows up at the safe house with Willow. She tells Kristina she's going to tell her the truth about Shiloh and what he does to young girls.