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Perkie's Observations: Jordan Faces a Deeper Crisis on General Hospital

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Briana Nicole Henry

Briana Nicole Henry

Willow explains her story to Kristina and everyone else. Kristina thinks it's all DOD propaganda, but Willow says she's telling her so she can make an informed choice about her future. Willow explains how her mother brought her in and after about a year, Shiloh set his sights on her.

Willow says he takes away their choices when they're most vulnerable. Then, she explains about the pledge and its hold over her. Willow explains about the initiation and the branding.  She shows everyone the mark.

Kristina claims it's just a tattoo, but Willow says it all took an emotional toll on her. She explains about the drink given to relax her and how Shiloh had sex with her. Willow says she was disgusted and Kristina should get out before Shiloh uses her for sex.

Kristina claims Shiloh is a good man, but Willow disagrees. Michael thanks Willow for telling them her story.

Lucy and Scott are discussing the Nurses Ball when she spots Kevin and Ava at a nearby table. She feels the needs to head over to confront them. Ava says Kevin has been a source of support for her and no one else understands what she's been through.

Lucy mentions the ball and Ava agrees she'll give money again this year. She says she will also perform. Lucy sarcastically tells her that Kevin should perform with her. Kevin says he and Ava are going together as a couple, which pisses Lucy off even more.

Scott confronts Ava, asking why she's suddenly hanging out with Kevin. Ava says she's accepted Ryan's death and Kevin is helping her.

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Robert runs into Laura. After some small talk, he tells her he's staying in town for a bit and asks her to the Nurses Ball. Laura says she's not ready to move on from Kevin yet.

Anna flitted around for most of the episode. First, with a brief, "Why didn't you tell me your kidney was failing?" scene with Jordan. Then, an equally brief, "I want to focus on the rest of my life" scene with Finn. She ran into Peter and asked about his date with Maxie. Peter says he made excuses and the date didn't happen. He fears he's going to hurt her since he's Faison's son. Anna tries to reassure him, but Peter says he doesn't want Maxie to see his dark side.

Curtis questions Jordan's decision to keep her condition from him. She says she didn't want him to worry, but Curtis says he can't help if he doesn't know what's going on. Finn shows up with results of her tests. He tells her the antibiotics didn't work. He explains she will need a transplant and though she's at the top of the list, it's still a waiting game.

Lulu asks Maxie about her date with Peter. Maxie tells her he pulled away. She's worried that Peter is having second thoughts about them. Maxie says it wasn't meant to be. Lulu counters that Peter is simply inexperienced at relationships.

Maxie gets a text from Peter so she heads out to meet him. He wants them to have their date now.

Robert tells Anna he's sticking around for awhile and he knows she's not done with Alex and Dr. Cabot. Anna claims she doesn't care which memory is really Alex's since she'll never tell. Robert believes that it's Peter's maternity.

Laura stops in for an update from Curtis. He tells her and Jordan about the woman who bought the pharmacy supplies. After an Internet search, he's narrowed it down to 23 women. He plans on heading to Canada to interview them. Laura tells him she's coming with him.

Finn and Kevin show up in Jordan's room. Finn announces that Kevin is a perfect genetic match to Jordan.

Neil tells Kristina she's at a crossroads and asks how she wants to proceed. He says she can make an informed decision to go back to Shiloh or her family.