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Perkie's Observations: Jax Comes Home For Josslyn on General Hospital

Ingo Rademacher, Laura Wright

Ingo Rademacher, Laura Wright

Neil tells Kristina that she's free to go and he opens the door for her. Chase shows up, saying he and Val have been looking for her. Kristina claims she just needed to get away for a few days and is in a better place now. Chase says he was just following up.

Kristina is embarrassed that she caused so much trouble. Sonny promises that Shiloh will never hurt her again. He says he doesn't regret pulling out all the stops to get Kristina out of that situation.

Alexis thanks Neil for guiding them through this. He says he's glad Kristina is safe, but warns this is just the beginning.

Anna tells Finn she's figured out that the wrong memory is Peter. She now believes that Alex is his mother and is relieved. Anna says she doesn't want Peter to know. Finn agrees since there is no medical proof of which Devane sister is really Peter's mother.

Jax is back in town and stops by the Corinthi home to see Josslyn. Carly says Josslyn has been brave and strong, but needs her dad. Jax congratulates Carly on her pregnancy. Jason shows up and Jax thanks him for being there for Josslyn. Jason gets a text from Sonny that Kristina is safe and heads out. Carly asks how long Jax plans on being in town and he says he's staying awhile.

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Peter whisks Maxie on a private plane to Paris for their first date. Maxie's all in a kerfuffle, so Peter decides maybe they should return home. Maxie stops him, saying she'd regret it if they turned around. Maxie says she's letting go of Nathan and the life they shared. She's willing to take the leap with Peter. The two kiss.

Michael thanks Willow for talking to Kristina. Nina comes across them and offers Michael condolences for Oscar's death. When Michael walks away, Nina confronts Willow and accuses her of hitting on Michael. Nina also accuses Willow of playing the victim and to leave Michael alone. (Shut up Nina.)

Chase shows up and tells Michael and Willow he found Kristina. He's happy things turned out okay for Kristina, but was worried Willow would get caught up in everything. Willow says she was willing to take a risk if it meant getting Kristina away from Shiloh.

Shiloh listens as Sam gives her pledge. He says he thought it would be about her, but it's about Jason. Shiloh thinks it means Jason still matters to her. Sam says Jason matters in the sense that he's Danny's father. She says she's putting her son's father at risk.

Shiloh decides she's ready for the initiation and they head to the upstairs room. Shiloh offers her something to drink to calm her nerves, but Sam refuses. She says she wants to be fully aware.

Sam prepares to be branded when Jason gets to the house and breaks in.