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Perkie's Observations: Willow Confesses to Chase on General Hospital

Katelyn MacMullen, Josh Swickard

Katelyn MacMullen, Josh Swickard

Jason breaks down the door and heads upstairs, where he knocks out Shiloh. Jason wants Sam to go with him since they have Kristina out. Sam tells him to get the pledges while she distracts Shiloh. Jason goes to the office. Shiloh starts to come around, so Sam throws a vase and yells loudly.

When Shiloh regains consciousness, Sam claims a stranger broke in and knocked him out, yelling about how DOD hurt his child. She thinks they should call the police, but Shiloh doesn't want the authorities snooping around. He wants to finish the initiation, but when he almost passes out again, Sam convinces him to take things easy.

Kristina promises that she sees the light of day when it comes to Shiloh. She asks about Sam because she's worried she's still involved with DOD. Sonny promises they're looking out for Sam.

Josslyn is thrilled to find Jax home for a visit. She tells him she misses Oscar. He talks to her about his mother and her last days.

Kim and Drew go through a box of Oscar's things. Curtis stops by to see Drew and offers his condolences. Drew blames himself again for Jordan's condition, but Curtis says it's not his fault. Curtis tells him there is a setback, but Jordan is now at the top of the transplant list. Drew offers to pay for the transplant.

Chase praises Willow for stepping up and talking to Kristina about her experience.

Valerie's hanging out with Brucas and Wylie. She is not happy to hear about Brad taking classes with DOD. She warns him not to have anything to do with them. Brad feels there is no criminal activity going on. Valerie admits there isn't an official investigation, but tells them to watch their backs.

Valerie tells Chase she wants to get the DA's attention regarding the DOD. She wants it shut down. Chase tells her they now have Kristina as a witness since she's walked away.

Lucas questions Brad's interest in DOD. Brad claims he's never seen anything sketchy and Valerie is exaggerating. Brad says the classes have helped him deal with the nerves of parenting.

Willow overhears and jumps down Brad's throat, telling them to never let Shiloh anywhere near Wylie. She basically accuses Brucas of being bad parents. Lucas tells her to back off.

Chase questions Willow about her strong reaction to Wylie and why it's important to protect him from Shiloh. Willow admits that Wylie is her son.

Valerie stops by the house to see Kristina and says she's glad everything worked out. Kristina asks Valerie's advice about a hypothetical item that someone has against her and how to get it back. Valerie says it's considered blackmail and that Kristina should report it.

Alexis admits to Neil she's worried Kristina will bolt during the night if she says anything wrong. Neil tells her to stop feeling guilty.

Sonny gets home to find Jax hanging out. Carly tells Jax that his room at the Metro Court is ready. Jax says it's only for a few days and he has Lucy looking at houses for him. He jokes that he might buy Kate's old place so they can be neighbors, which does not sit well with Sonny. After Jax leaves, Carly tells Sonny to back off because Josslyn needs her father.

Jason updates CarSon that when he went to get the pledges he found that Shiloh replaced them with blank paper. Sonny says the only thing that kept Shiloh safe was Kristina and she's no longer at DOD.