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Perkie's Observations: Robert Tries to Get Through to Anna on General Hospital

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Anna Devane, Tristan Rogers, General Hospital

Tristan Rogers, Finola Hughes

Sam updates Jason on what happened after he knocked out Shiloh. She says Shiloh has no idea it was Jason that hit him. Jason mentions the pledges were replaced with blanks. He believes with Kristina out, Sam can stop her con. Jason says Kristina knows Shiloh is a predator and the pledge doesn't matter.

Kristina wonders how much freedom she has living with her mother. Alexis says they're playing it day by day and she doesn't want Kristina to feel like a prisoner. Alexis understands that she needs to trust Kristina to make the right decisions. Her one house rule is no contact with Shiloh or other DOD members. (And the countdown begins on how soon that rule will be broken.)

Willow admits to Chase that she's feeling anxious and worried that Shiloh will somehow find out he's Wylie's father. Willow worries that Brad is getting deeper into DOD. Chase says Brucas are Wylie's legal parents, but Willow says Shiloh never agreed to the adoption and could sue for custody. Chase tells Willow to call her lawyer, so she leaves a message for Diane.

Meanwhile, Brad's having a session with Shiloh where he complains about the birth mother's interference regarding his parenting. Shiloh tells him to bring the woman to him for counseling.

Robert tells Anna he has a way of determining once and for all that Alex is Peter's mother. He mentions that Alex's ex has all of her records and they could find out where she was when Peter was conceived.

However, Anna no longer wants to pursue this, claiming there's no way to prove it. Anna says Peter is part of her family and it doesn't make a difference if he isn't actually her son. Robert counters that Peter is Faison's son and she should sever all ties. He feels Peter is as sadistic as his father.

Anna says she's not abandoning Peter. Robert explains it's not just about her, but he's involved with Robin and her kids. Anna reiterates she wants a relationship with Peter.

Sonny and Michael have breakfast with Mike, who in his confused state, brings up baby Jonah. Michael is forced to remind his grandfather of his son's passing. After Michael leaves, Mike has a moment of clarity where he talks to Sonny about his grief over losing Courtney. (Most of the fans however, do not share the same grief over losing Courtney. Amirite?!)

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Lucas heads over to the pub to talk to Julian about Brad. He knows the two have been getting close and thinks Julian would know what's going on. Julian is not happy that Lucas believes he's keeping something from him and says he's been respecting their boundaries.

Lucas backs off a little and tells Julian that Brad is getting closer with DOD, which he now believes is a cult. Brad shows up and Lucas wants answers.

Michael stops by to see Kristina. She thanks him for everything he did to help her get away from Shiloh. Kristina decides she needs to go and talk to Julian about her job and heads out. Alexis worries, but Michael tells her to start trusting Kristina. Alexis is concerned that Kristina will backslide.

Kim stops by DOD to talk to Shiloh about Oscar. The two discuss Oscar, Drew, and her time with them.

Finn tells Anna he's making special plans for them tonight. He leaves Robert a message to give him the ring back.

Robert heads to Kelly's, where he (stupidly) puts the ring box on the counter. Sonny asks to speak with him and the two head to a more private area. Mike spots the box and takes it. (Oy, we're in a Scooby-Doo caper now.)

Sonny wants answers on Dante and whether or not he can be contacted. Robert says it's best not to jeopardize the progress he's made. Sonny wants to make sure that Dante will be back to his old self. Robert counters that what Dante went through was traumatic and he may never get over it.

Sam tells Jason that she believes Kristina will feel guilty about her pledge. Jason says it won't matter if Shiloh is gotten rid of. Sam replies he'll be the number one suspect and Kristina is still too fragile.

Sam says everything about the initiation is illegal and thinks they should let Shiloh finish hers and record it. (Girlfriend is eager to be tattooed and sexed up.)

Kristina shows up at the DOD house to see Shiloh. (Whoever had money on 45 minutes on the countdown, you win!)