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Perkie's Observations: Kristina Confronts Shiloh on General Hospital

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Lexi Ainsworth

Lexi Ainsworth

Shiloh is happy to see Kristina, but she says she's been rethinking her life choices and isn't coming back to Dawn of Day. Kristina asks for her pledge back, but Shiloh says it was a gift. Kristina accuses him of drugging her and planning to rape her, which he denies.

Shiloh accuses Kristina of changing since she left. He thinks she's close-minded now. He says she was thriving with them. As Kristina leaves, he tells her his door is always opens, which stops her briefly.

Finn wants Jordan to take a leave of absence to focus on her health, but Jordan's not listening. TJ shows up and Finn tells him they found a match, but the donor still needs to have tests done.

Curtis and Jordan are in Toronto trying to find the woman who they think helped Ryan. (Dear show runners, while it has been effin' cold here for the past six months, we no longer have snow and there aren't people still skating down by the government buildings.)

Laura says they need to find Ryan as she wants to bring him to justice. Curtis mentions Kevin and Ava 's relationship is online everywhere. Curtis figures out that KAva are pretending in order to flush out Ryan.

Peter and Maxie, who were heading to Paris for their first date, somehow end up in Toronto for reasons the show didn't bother to explain. Maxie plans on buying lingerie for their night together. Maxie returns, but has Laura and Curtis in tow because she ran into them and they needed shelter from the storm (What? Oh those nasty May blizzards we get up here in Toronto. Helps us build our igloos ya know. Oy!)

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Kevin tells Ava that Laura is in Canada searching for Ryan. He tells her he's a match to donate a kidney to Jordan. Ava's worried that if they're not seen together they won't lure out Ryan. Kevin says Ava being with him for the transplant will make for good story. Ava thinks they need to be seen now and shares a selfie kiss with him.

Sonny shows up at Alexis' looking for Kristina and is not happy to hear that she left the house. Alexis says Kristina went to get her job back, but Sonny worries that she went to see Shiloh. Neil arrives to check in. He reassures them that Willow made a difference and Kristina knows Shiloh isn't pure. Neil feels they should let Kristina go. Sonny worries that Shiloh will hold the pledge over Kristina's head.

TJ wants to know why Curtis isn't here with Jordan and asks if he's out looking for Ryan. Jordan swears him to secrecy and admits that Curtis is in Canada.

Kevin gets a call from Finn and heads to the hospital to find out that his kidney is not suitable. Finn says the tests show that Kevin is pre-diabetic, which is likely since he was malnourished while held at Ferncliff.

Kevin's upset because he felt the transplant was his way of making amends. Ava agrees it was a noble gesture, but he needs to focus on being a good person. She leans in for a kiss, but Kevin angrily backs off. Ava apologizes and says all those months she was in love with "Kevin" and it's hard to see it differently. Kevin reminds her he's in love with Laura and if Ava doesn't knock it off, he'll shut this operation down.

Finn updates Jordan and TJ about the transplant and asks if there is anyone, such as a family member, they can ask. Jordan says she's not close to her family but reassures TJ that things will work out.

Kristina comes home and admits she went to the DOD house to see Shiloh. She swears she made it clear she wasn't going back. After she leaves the room, Alexis figures Kristina asked about the pledge and Shiloh wouldn't give it back. Sonny's upset that Shiloh is holding it over Kristina's head.

Neil points out to them that Kristina faced Shiloh on her first day out and came back home. He says Kristina chose her family and for them to take the win.