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Perkie's Observations: The Qs Celebrate Oscar's Life on General Hospital

Billy Miller

Billy Miller

Kim shows up at the Quartermaine mansion with Oscar's urn. She admits to Ned and Olivia she doesn't know what to do now. Ned says Oscar had a plan and he didn't want a funeral. Ned says Oscar's wishes were for a memorial service, but no one was to mourn him.

Everyone receives notification that Oscar's memorial service will be today.

Josslyn feels she isn't ready to handle this, but knows she has to go. Carly agrees and thinks Josslyn will regret it if she doesn't attend.

At the service, Michael reassures Josslyn that she'll get through this. Alexis praises Jax about coming for Josslyn. Sam tells Jax he should be proud of her.

Oscar left a letter, which Jason reads. Oscar's final wish was for Jason and Drew to build a treehouse in the Quartermaine backyard for the younger kids. Drew agrees to build it with Jason.

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Ned says he wants those who feel comfortable to share happy stories of Oscar. Michael jokes about how brave Oscar was to date high maintenance Josslyn. Cameron talks of how they went from enemies to friends. Drew speaks about finding out he had a son and his life with him.

Ned brings everyone to the park. He and Olivia had a stone made with Oscar's name. Everyone is given flower seeds to spread in "Oscar's Meadow".

Kim speaks. She explains how she raised Oscar alone, but then decided to search out any family, which is why she moved to Port Charles. She thanks Monica for welcoming them with open arms. Kim thanks Drew for being Oscar's father and Josslyn for being his first love.

Drew and Sam share a hug and she offers her condolences. Drew complains that he didn't have enough time with Oscar and wants Sam to help him be the best he can be for Scout. Drew admits he's afraid of losing Scout as well.

Sonny seeks out Kim and commiserates with her. He tells her to take comfort in the lives that Oscar touched and it will get better with time.

Kim, alone at the stone marker, says goodbye to Oscar.