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Perkie's Observations: Laura and Curtis Run Into Trouble on General Hospital

Donnell Turner

Donnell Turner

Laura tells Curtis that April was lying to them. She didn't just fly in from Miami because all the flights were rerouted. Curtis tells her he saw the paper with the details of Ava and Kevin's love affair on the woman's table. April calls Curtis and says she needs to speak with them, so the two head back to her house.

Anna comes across the Scorpio men and Felicia, and misunderstands who is proposing with the ring. When talk turns to marriage, Anna is adamant she's sworn off marriage since all of hers ended in disaster. Felicia counters that it could work with the right person. Anna claims she and Finn are perfect just the way they are and she wouldn't change anything.

Stella shows up in Jordan's room, thrilled to hear that Kevin is a match. Finn updates her on why Kevin is unable to donate. Jordan admits she hasn't told Curtis yet, which angers Stella. Jordan explains that he's on a case and wants him to stay on it. Stella disagrees and believes Jordan should call Curtis and tell him.

Mike calls Sonny over to Turning Woods to let him know he's proposing to Yvonne tonight. Sonny doesn't like the idea, so Mike accuses him of being negative. Sonny thinks Stella should weigh in.

Jason tells Carly they need to get Kristina's pledge back and Sam plans on getting into the inner circle. Carly understands what the initiation is and questions how far is Sam willing to go. Carly starts having pregnancy pains, so Jason takes her to the hospital.

Shiloh's putting up flyers in the park for a DOD event when he runs into Sam. He says they should continue the initiation tonight, but she says she's busy with her kids. Shiloh feels if she puts it off too long, she won't return, like Kristina.

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Shiloh tells Sam about Kristina's visit. He says Kristina is not planning on returning to DOD, but he'll accept her if she changes her mind. Shiloh mentions the DOD event tomorrow night. Sam explains she's going to the Nurses Ball. Shiloh bad mouths the ball, but Sam says they raise a lot of money. Sam tells Shiloh to go to the ball with her. Once he agrees, she texts Jason that Shiloh took the bait.

Stella gets the call from Sonny, so she and Marcus head to Turning Point. Stella reminds Sonny that Mike and Yvonne can't legally get married, but won't understand why. Marcus is not willing to let Mike propose to his wife.

Sonny claims they're happy together and that's all that matters. Stella tells him it's a lot to ask of someone to back away. Marcus says he wants what's best for Yvonne and sees how she's happy with Mike.

Mike proposes to Yvonne with Finn's ring.

Robert gets to the hospital and gives Finn the ring. Finn notices immediately it's not his ring.

At the hospital, Epiphany checks out Carly. She claims the baby is fine and she's having false pains. She mentions that Carly has an appointment tomorrow with her doctor to get her results from the genetic testing. Jason tells Carly not to worry until it's necessary.

Laura and Curtis get to the cabin and find April dead on the floor. Laura heads outside to get cell service to call the police. Someone knocks out Curtis. When Laura comes back in, that someone attacks her.