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Perkie's Observations: Michael Vows to Protect Sasha on General Hospital

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General Hospital

Sofia Mattsson, Chad Duell

Michael stops by the school to give Willow a gift and thank her again for talking to Kristina. The two share a hug, which is witnessed by Valentin and Nina, who are arriving for a parent teacher conference.

Kevin complains he wants to get back to his life with Laura, which angers Ava. She wonders why he finds her so intolerable, but Kevin says he knows she's in pain and not a monster. Ava promises she won't sneak a kiss on him again. Kevin hears someone coming, so the two pretend to kiss. Turns out it's Julian and he isn't happy to see Kevin macking on his sister.

Julian accuses Kevin of taking advantage of Ava in her current state of mind. Ava claims she was kissing Kevin back and they are seeing each other. Kevin claims if Julian had been a better brother, Ava wouldn't have been vulnerable to Ryan's attention. He says Julian is unreliable. As a result, Julian punches him in the face.

Laura thinks she should go back to the house with all the mail and Curtis agrees to go with her as soon as the gigantic Toronto May blizzard lets up. Laura talks to Maxie and apologizes for crashing their date. Maxie admits she and Peter have had problems getting together. Laura reminds Maxie that Peter had a rough life and she should make the first move.

Finn calls Robert and demands his ring back. Robert swears he'll drop it by later, but when he opens the box he finds the ring gone. Felicia and Mac arrive at that moment and he tells them he's lost Finn's ring. Felicia thinks he's sabotaging Finn's proposal, which Robert denies. Mac says he has a jeweler friend who can get him a look alike ring.

Anna's upset with Finn for not telling her how serious Jordan's condition is. Finn reminds her of patient-doctor confidentiality, but promises to let her know if things get worse. Chase runs into them and checks Anna's hand, which confuses her.

When Anna leaves, Chase questions why Finn hasn't proposed yet. Finn says Robert has the ring. Chase offers to go and get it for Finn, but Finn says he's getting the ring back from Robert tonight.

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Willow, the principal, and some of the parents meet for a discussion about a book Willow has included in her class library. It turns out the book is about different lifestyles and some parents are up in arms.

Franco claims those parents have a problem with gay people. Bianca's mother claims third graders shouldn't be subject to abnormal subjects. Nina comes to the defense of the book telling the room it's there to help the kids be who they are.

After the meeting, Willow tries to thank Nina for coming to her defense. Nina says she was coming to defense of the book and accuses Willow of being treacherous by hugging Michael. Willow speaks to the principal, who says he won't be asking her back next year to teach.

Michael meets Sasha and mentions he hasn't seen her since her hospital stay. Michael says she was delirious and said she wished Nina was her real mother. Valentin overhears it. Sasha claims she still thinks of her adoptive mother as her real mother and doesn't want Nina to be hurt by what she said. Michael promises to keep her secret.

Valentin reminds Sasha she's only in town until the wedding and then he expects her to leave.

Maxie and Peter go to their separate rooms and then decide to have sex.

Felicia talks to Anna about Robert. She believes he's staying in town for a woman. When Anna leaves the room, Robert and Mac return with an identical ring. Felicia thinks Finn will notice the difference. Then, Anna returns. Felicia says the ring is perfect for a proposal. By Anna's expression, she believes Robert will be the one proposing.

Police are called to the park. Julian begs Ava to tell them no crime was committed. Ava and Kevin both agree they have to play along to get Ryan's attention. Ava tells police that Julian assaulted her lover. Kevin says he wants to press charges.

Laura and Curtis head back to the house. A woman claims she just returned from a trip. She dismisses them and they think she's lying to cover up something. The woman speaks to someone inside the home. That person sees a newspaper article about Ava and Kevin, then stabs the photo with a knife.