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Perkie's Observations: Mike Gets His Gal on General Hospital

Janet Hubert, Max Gail

Janet Hubert, Max Gail

Maxie updates Lulu on her trip to Toronto with Peter. She says everything finally fell into place. Lulu's happy for her, but at the same time is upset about Dante's absence. Lulu doesn't want to go to the Nurses Ball, but Maxie talks her into going.

Peter confides in Anna about the trip (I guess today is a "like Anna" day). He's glad Anna gave him the push to move things forward. Anna talks about her romantic issues and believes Robert is about to propose to her.

Finn tells Chase that Robert still has his ring and he exchanged it with another one. Chase logically tells Finn to propose to Anna without the ring and tell her what happened with Robert afterwards.

Finn explains the ring is a Monaco blue sapphire, which has special meaning since he and Anna started out in Monaco. He says it doesn't feel right to propose without it.

Peter finds Finn and tells him to step up his game and propose to Anna before Robert does.

Carly's doctor tells her the results of this test show the baby is healthy with no birth defects. But, the doctor has other concerns.

Michael and Sonny are at Turning Woods to celebrate Yvonne and Mike's engagement. When Carly arrives, everyone toasts the engagement. Carly asks about the ring. Mike claims he bought it in Brooklyn.

When Carly and Sonny get home, she's still concerned about the ring. Sonny claims he asked the staff and no one was missing a ring. (Hey Sonny, remember when you took Mike out for breakfast "yesterday"? Maybe he swiped it from someone, there you big dummy). Sonny and Carly find out the sex of the baby.

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Alexis tells Julian that Kevin dropped the assault charges against him, but he should keep his fists to himself in the future.

Kim and Drew are going through a box of things that were in Oscar's school locker. Drew notices a real estate notice on her counter and asks if Kim is planning on leaving town. Kim says it's too soon to make decisions like that and is currently planning on staying.

Drew decides he should take Oscar's ashes to Kilimanjaro and spread them there. Kim agrees to go with him.

Molly and Kristina meet for the first time she left the DOD house. Kristina's happy her sister never gave up on her. Molly's happy that Kristina has opened her eyes. Kristina is concerned that Sam is still going down the same path and refusing to talk to her.

Kristina says she wishes she could save other women. Molly agrees that they need to get the story out there. Molly approaches Peter and explains she's about to graduate as a literature major. She says she has a story about DOD as a cult for his newspaper. Peter agrees to read the story.

Spinelli's in town. Sam tells him she has a way to get Shiloh. She wants Spin to bug the DOD house tonight while Shiloh is at the ball with her. Sam wants them to record the initiation and Spinelli and Jason can monitor the whole thing.

Sam runs into Alexis and Neil. She mentions Kristina wants to talk, but is worried about Kristina's recovery. Neil says it's best to avoid her rather than lie to her. Sam says she's getting evidence against Shiloh and tells Alexis to go to the ball and act normal.

Molly tells Sam about talking to Kristina and how she now knows DOD is a cult. Sam isn't happy when Molly tells her she'll be writing a story for Peter. Sam tells her to stay out of it.

Jason tells Spinelli the audio has to be perfect in order to hear everything and get Sam out. Spinelli figures Shiloh is fixated with Sam ,and he wants her and could get violent if things don't go his way.

Jason promises to be there to stop Shiloh.