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Perkie's Observations: It's Red Carpet Night at the Nurses Ball on General Hospital

Chandra Wilson, Michelle Stafford

Chandra Wilson, Michelle Stafford

Welcome to the 2019 Nurses Ball . . .

Carly's not sure if she should go and leave Josslyn home alone. Sonny hates the ball, but goes in Stone's memory.

Grey's Anatomy's Chandra Wilson is back, this time as Crimson's New York fashion editor. She's co-hosting the red carpet with Nina.

Kevin and Ava, Chase and Willow, Valentin, Michael and Sasha, Liz and Franco, Epiphany, Felix, Amy and Deanna, Sonny and Carly, Lulu, Peter and Maxie, Felicia and Mac, Sam and Shiloh, Robert, Finn and Anna all walk the red carpet.

Lucy and Scott complain while watching Ava with Kevin. Kevin is called to a hotel room and Lucy tries to convince him to stay away from Ava. Scott drags Ava to the room in hopes of having her catch Lucy and Kevin together.

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Willow tells Chase she was fired. Willow gets upset when she spots Shiloh with Sam. Chase reassures her that she's safe.

Jax meets Nina, who seems starstruck by him. Lulu introduces Jax to Peter and Valentin.

Shiloh greets Sonny and Carly, and asks about Kristina. He says he's looking forward to her return to DOD and says it's in her best interest to come back. Sonny verbally throws his weight around, but it doesn't seem to faze Shiloh.

Finn tells Robert he wants his ring back.

In Toronto, Curtis and Laura find themselves tied to chairs and worry when they smell gas. The two escape the house, just as it explodes.

Everyone enters the ballroom and waits for the ball to begin . . .