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Days of Our Lives' Linsey Godfrey Sounds Off on Abortion Bans With Entertainment Tonight

Linsey Godfrey

Linsey Godfrey

Days of Our Lives' Linsey Godfrey stopped by Entertainment Tonight Live to discuss the recent abortion ban in some states. Alabama, Georgia , Kentucky, Mississippi, and Ohio have all passed laws that prohibit abortion when a fetal heartbeat is detected. Missouri and Louisiana are both close to creating similar laws. Godfrey told ETLive,

It seems to me more and more that with each ban it’s less and less about what they are saying it’s about and more about controlling women.

Godfrey went on to explain about being part of the #YouKnowMe movement started by actress Busy Phillips. Women online use the hashtag to explain their stories as to why they made the choice to have an abortion. Godfrey explained her on choice saying, 

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Watch Godfrey explain why she decided to disclose her choice and thank viewers for hearing her out below.