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Perkie's Observations: Kristina Is None Too Thrilled With Shiloh's Date on General Hospital

Coby Ryan McLaughlin, Kelly Monaco

Coby Ryan McLaughlin, Kelly Monaco

It's day 2 of the Nurses Ball:

The nurses (minus Liz) perform.

Ava and Scott find Kevin by himself in the hotel room because Lucy is busy giving her opening speech. Ava pushes, so Scott admits that he and Lucy were trying to break them up. Ava claims she and Kevin know what they're doing.

Mike and Yvonne arrive. While showing off the ring, Finn spots it and realizes that it's his. He approaches Sonny and tells him he needs the ring back. Sonny tells Mike that Yvonne's ring is a fake, but they'll exchange it for the one Finn has.

At home, Kristina is keeping Josslyn company and distracting her from the ball. While checking out social media, Kristina spots Sam and Shiloh together, which upsets her.

Neil ends up seated at Alexis' table. He's introduced to Jax.

Cam finds Lucy's runaway llama (why was there a llama again this year?).
Anna reads Robert the riot act backstage. She tells him that she's with Finn and she doesn't want to marry Robert.

Peter tells Sam and Shiloh that Molly is doing an exposé about Dawn of Day being a cult. Maxie doesn't understand why Sam is with Shiloh since he's the leader of DOD.

Spinelli and Jason walk into the DOD house and put up their surveillance equipment.

Chase performs and brings Willow up on stage with him.

Kristina shows up at the ball to confront Shiloh.

Cam shows up to the Corinthos' home to ask Josslyn to go with him. She says she can't perform her song since it's a duet. Cam says he has a message from Oscar.

Finn tells Robert he has his ring back and will propose to Anna. Anna has a speech about Robin surviving HIV. Robert and Finn are off to the side. Robert tells Finn he better make Anna happy. Finn drops the ring, which ends up at Anna's feet.