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VIDEO: Meghan McCain Blows Her Top Over Ex-WH Counsel Testimony Debate

Meghan McCain

Meghan McCain

Meghan McCain had a total fit and meltdown during today's hot topic segment of The View. The lone conservative commentator on the panel got into a bit of a snit when the co-hosts were talking about former White House counsel Don McGahn rejecting a congressional subpoena.

Out of the gate, longtime co-host and staunch liberal Joy Behar lit into the Republican party where she stated,

The Republican party is right behind him. They all should be thrown into jail, as far as I’m concerned. Lock them up!

McCain got on the defense with the rebuke by Behar and fired back,

If you’re going to say that all Republicans should be in jail, all of them, then you should put Pelosi as well. If all Republicans should go to jail for not doing impeachment, then Democrats should be held to the same standard, as well.

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 Behar remarked it was "hyperbole" but McCain retorted,

It doesn’t sound that way to the Republican at the table. It sounds a little aggressive.

Soon after the dustup, McCain flipped on the audience and gave them nasty looks when she started to say,

The illegal activity that you’re speaking of — I’ll wait until everyone’s done applauding. 

Meow! Watch her face-off with the ladies below.