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Perkie's Observations: Lucas Does Some High Level Math on General Hospital

Ryan Carnes

Ryan Carnes

The Nurses Ball continues . . .

Ryan knocks out Kevin and switches clothes.

Shiloh confronts Willow, asking if she was pregnant when she left DOD. At first Willow denies it, but after much brow beating on his part, she finally admits that she was. Willow claims she miscarried and there is no baby, but Shiloh refuses to believe it.

Chase updates Mac, Felicia, and Ava that Ryan is on his way and had a big head start. He says he's put out an APB on Ryan.

Nina gets back to her table. She keeps rattling on about her encounter with Willow and snarks about her giving up her baby. Michael heads out to find Willow.

Ned and Olivia perform.

Michael finds Willow just as Shiloh is getting all up in her face, and blocks him. Michael warns Shiloh to back off and leave.

Lucy comes looking for Josslyn to perform her song, but she says she can't and runs out. Sonny finds her. She says she thought she was stronger, but isn't. Sonny says Oscar loved her and would want her to be happy. He relates it back to his relationship with Stone.

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Valentin plays the piano and sings.

Scott finds "Kevin" backstage and natters on about leaving Ava alone. Ryan turns to leave and Scott grabs his hand. It comes off because it's prosthetic. Scott realizes it's Ryan and Ryan knocks him out.

Shiloh heads back to his table, upset and rambling. Sam's concerned. Shiloh tells her he just found out someone had his baby and didn't tell him. He believes he's being lied to about the miscarriage and decides he's going to find his baby. Lucas and Brad seem confused.

Josslyn worries she's letting everyone down. Jax reassures her, saying she doesn't have to prove anything to anyone, and to follow her heart.
Josslyn decides to sing and is helped by Oscar's "presence".

Shiloh's still in a kerfuffle and tries to leave. Sam stops him and says she's worried about him. Shiloh tells her she needs to finish the initiation tonight. He says he needs her to be in the trust and he needs her strength.

Willow tells Michael that Shiloh didn't believe her lie about the miscarriage and he will come for her child.

Lucas starts putting two and two together and tells Brad he believes Willow and Shiloh are Wylie's birth parents.

Epiphany finds Scott as he regains consciousness, but thinks he's drunk. Scott tells Chase that Ryan was there and knocked him out.

The crew is taking everything apart as the curtains open to find Kevin has been knocked out and trussed up in a straight jacket. Lucy, Mac, and Felicia are shocked.

Ava heads out to her safe house to get ready to take Ryan on herself. Then, he arrives.