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Perkie’s Observations: Ryan Cuts to the Point on General Hospital

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gh 13

Mac, Felicia, and Lucy work to get Kevin down. Kevin regains consciousness as Laura and Curtis show up. Curtis updates Chase. Kevin questions where Ava has disappeared to.

Lucas says Shiloh being the baby's daddy is the only logical conclusion. Brad counters that Wylie is legally their son. Lucas says if Willow knowingly kept the baby from Shiloh, they could lose him.

Back at the DOD house, Shiloh's still upset. Sam tells him not to let Willow ruin their night. Sonny joins Jason in the van to listen in on the conversation. Shiloh offers Sam the tea to calm her before the tattooing session. She turns it down, but he insists, so she's forced to drink it.

Ryan shows himself to Ava. He tells her that he's missed her even though she's been kissing Kevin. Ava tries to convince him that it's really Ryan she wants. She says if Ryan looks past the jealousy, he'll see that Kevin is a poor substitute.

Ryan wants Ava to convince him and admits he murdered Kiki. He wants to know how she feels about that. Ava says she'll always grieve for Kiki, but she knows Ryan killed her to stop the pain. Ava says he freed her and she loves Ryan the most.

Willow tells Chase that Shiloh knows about the baby. Michael offers to take Willow home, which she initially refuses. Chase asks her to reconsider since he's busy, so Willow agrees.

As the two are leaving, they run into Brucas. Lucas gets angry with Willow, saying they may lose their son. Michael figures out that his godson is Willow's baby. Brad doesn't understand why Willow would want the baby away from Shiloh.

Willow says Shiloh is a monster and DOD is a cult. Lucas wonders what will happen now that Shiloh knows. Brad claims again he saw nothing wrong at DOD. Michael says Shiloh is guilty of extortion, blackmail, and sexual assault. Michael says they need to work together to protect Wylie.

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Margaux is called in, shocked to hear that Ryan is alive. Laura tears a strip off of her, blaming April's death on Margaux. Margaux says she made an educated decision based on the information she had.

Mac reminds them he said the plan wouldn't work and it's time to update the authorities. Felicia explains the plan to lure out Ryan. Lucy realizes that Kevin and Ava were not a thing.

Margaux tells Chase to find Ryan and he has the authority to use whatever force he needs to.

Curtis checks in on Jordan, but when he tells her that Ryan is alive and in Port Charles, she gets upset and passes out. Monica is called in. She tells Curtis and TJ that because of the dialysis, Jordan has a heart condition and can no longer sustain the dialysis. She promises that Jordan is on top of the transplant list.

Curtis asks about Kevin as a match, but TJ explains that Kevin has his own condition that makes him no longer viable. Curtis realizes that Ryan would be a match also and decides he needs to find him so that Jordan has a chance.

Sonny and Jason bust their way into the DOD house, but find the attic room empty. Jason thinks he might know where Shiloh took Sam and heads out. Sonny calls Margaux over and asks her where Shiloh is.

Chase says he has no idea where Ava went. Kevin realizes that was Ava's plan all along. Felicia agrees that Ava wants to be alone to kill Ryan without anyone stopping her.

Ava wants them to run away together like they planned on doing. He asks about Avery, but she says Avery would eventually disappoint her like Kiki. Ava claims Ryan can give her everything she needs.

Ryan laps it up when Ava says they can be together, so when she worries about the knife, he puts it down. Ava pulls out her gun as she tells Ryan that she's not afraid to watch him die.