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Perkie's Observations: Ava Retaliates on General Hospital

Maura West

Maura West

Ryan feels Ava loves him and won't shoot. She fires the gun into the wall behind him. He says Kiki betrayed her and he did what Ava wanted by killing her. Ava says it was all talk and she wants justice for Kiki, but won't kill him until she's ready. (For the love of Pete, stop wasting your bullets and shoot him in the groin or something.)

Ava wants details on Kiki's last moments, though Ryan initially refuses. When she pushes, he says that Kiki cried for her mother. Ava's upset that Kiki died hating her. Ryan says she told him before she died that she loved Ava.

Shiloh lies Sam on the table and starts to kiss her. She tries to say no, but he starts to undress. Jason arrives, knocks him around and throws him down the stairs.

Sonny demands to know where Shiloh is and where he would hide, but Margaux has no idea. He accuses her of protecting a con man and doesn't understand how she could have let herself get involved in DOD. 

Margaux blames him, saying Sonny turned her life upside down and DOD gave her peace. Margaux claims Shiloh is a good man, but Sonny counters that he's a liar and a predator, who wants the DA in his back pocket.

Margaux's confused. She thinks Shiloh's a peaceful man who wants to do good for the community. Sonny says he drugs, tattoos, and sexually assaults women. Sonny claims he's looking out for Margaux and she needs to face the truth.

Curtis tells Laura he needs to find Ryan and bring him in alive. He tells her about Jordan's condition and thinks Ryan would be a match. Laura promises to tell Chase not to shoot Ryan on sight.

Lulu's looking for an update. Chase says Ava turned off her phone and is off the grid. Lulu thinks the public needs to be notified, but Chase feels it will start a panic and create false leads.

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Brad heads to Julian's to update him on what happened. He feels he could lose Lucas and Wylie because Shiloh is determined to find his child. Brad thinks he should tell Shiloh the truth, but Julian warns him that Shiloh is a terrible person. Julian says he'll take care of Shiloh (ooh, suspect number one in the who killed Shiloh murder mystery).

Lucy tells Curtis and Laura she sold an isolated cabin in the woods to Ava. Curtis asks Laura to give him a head start so he can bring Ryan in alive. Laura gives Curtis a few minutes then calls Chase with Ava's address.

Lucy's upset she wasn't told about Ava's plan. She feels it would have saved her some heartbreak if she had known. Laura reminds Lucy that Kevin is married to her.

Jason takes Sam to the hospital. (Am I supposed to have sympathy for Sam? She set this up. She knew that Shiloh was going to have sex with her after he drugged her and she went along with it anyway, putting herself in danger.) Sam asks if Shiloh is dead and Jason says he hopes he is (ooh, suspect number two in the murder mystery.)

Sonny checks in with Jason and says he took all the surveillance equipment out of the house. He feels they now have leverage on Shiloh.

Sonny heads to Shiloh's room (how did he get to the hospital?) and warns him he will pay the price for messing with Sonny's family. Sonny says Shiloh will hand over Kristina's pledge or terrible things will happen (oooh suspect number three in the murder mystery has arrived.)

Ava decides she wants Ryan to die a slow and agonizing death. She figures a gut shot and a shot to the leg should to it. Curtis arrives and tells Ava that Ryan needs to be alive to donate to Jordan.

Ava doesn't care, but Curtis says it's what Kiki would want and Ava should honor Kiki. Curtis says death would be too merciful for Ryan and he should rot in jail instead. Ava gives Curtis the gun.

Chase and his men arrive and arrest Ryan (how do you put handcuffs on a one armed man?). Ryan taunts Ava that she couldn't pull the trigger because she loves him.

Ava grabs the knife and stabs Ryan in the back.