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Perkie's Observations: JaSam Try to Bargain With Shiloh on General Hospital

Steve Burton, Kelly Monaco

Steve Burton, Kelly Monaco

Ava is taken into police custody to await a hearing. Meanwhile, Ryan is taken into surgery. Scotty tells her to plead temporary insanity, but Ava insists she's proud of stabbing Ryan and she intended to kill him.

Jordan wants details. Curtis explains what happened with Ava and Ryan, and he needs Ryan to live through the surgery. Curtis tells her about her cardiac episode and how the dialysis is causing problems. Monica stops by to check on Jordan and says she needs to take a leave of absence.

Drew tells Monica he's taking Oscar's ashes to Kilimanjaro and wants her blessing. He knows she'd want Oscar in the family crypt. Monica says Kilimanjaro would be perfect for Oscar, but she will put a plaque in the crypt in his honor.

Julian drops off legal papers for Kim that allows her to take Oscar's ashes out of country. Kim overhears him on the phone with Alexis talking about his arrest. When she questions him, he tells her about the fight with Kevin. He explains the charges were dropped. Kim reminds Julian that she's always there for him when needed.

Joss stops over to see Kim and tells her about "seeing Oscar' while singing at the ball. Kim gives her Oscar's guitar. Drew arrives and they tell Joss they are going to spread Oscar's ashes. (Was it just me or was there a sense of finality when Krew left, like they may not be returning?)

Sam tells Jason this was the hardest con she's ever had to run because Shiloh is disgusting. Jason heads over to Monica's because he wants the toxicology report expedited. He wants proof that Shiloh drugged Sam.

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Neil checks in on Kristina. Alexis tells him that Shiloh drugged Sam and they're waiting for the proof. Kristina comes in and tells them about the pledge. When Neil leaves, Alexis says Sonny will deal with the pledge. Kristina says it wasn't about her father, but about Alexis.

Sam stops by to see Shiloh and goes off on him. He says all he was trying to do was help her and got thrown down the stairs for his efforts. Shiloh says it's attempted murder, but Sam counters that no one was there to witness it.

Sam accuses him of drugging and abducting her. Jason shows up with the toxicology report that shows Sam was drugged. He says they have it on a recording, but Shiloh says he didn't give consent. Sam says she did, which is all that is needed. Jason says Shiloh will go to prison for assault and attempted rape.

Shiloh asks what they want. Jason wants Kristina's pledge back and for Shiloh to never bother Kristina again. Shiloh agrees to cooperate and says the pledges are at the lighthouse.

Scotty calls Julian to come down to the station and explains that Ava wants to plead guilty. Julian talks to Ava and tells her she can't plead guilty. Ava says she avenged her daughter and is proud of it.

Julian says Ryan will win if Ava goes to prison. He says if Ryan lives and goes to Ferncliff while Ava goes to prison, she won't be able to finish what she started. When Scotty comes back in, Ava agrees to plead not guilty.

Monica lets Jordan and Curtis know that Ryan is out of surgery, but not out of the woods. Curtis is determined to convince Ryan to donate his kidney, though Jordan doesn't know why Ryan would consent.

Jason and Sam head to the lighthouse where the find the pledges, including Kristina and Margaux's.