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Perkie's Observations: Kristina Gets Her Pledge Back on General Hospital

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Nancy Lee Grahn, Lexi Ainsworth, Kelly Monaco

Nancy Lee Grahn, Lexi Ainsworth, Kelly Monaco

Jason and Sam stop by the hospital and gloat to Shiloh about how they found the pledges. Sam brags that Shiloh is the helpless one now. Jason says Shiloh should cut a deal and he might be safer in prison.

Jax stops by to talk to Carly and Sonny about Josslyn and how best to deal with her in her grief. He wants the three of them to work together even though he and Sonny despise each other. Jax mentions he's staying in town and the deal he's working on is going through.

Lulu tells Maxie she's writing a story about dating and will be posing on dating apps. Maxie thinks this will have an impact on her married life and may make Dante come home. Lulu says she only wants Dante home when he's ready and healed.

Nina has lunch with Sasha. She complains about Willow's claws in Michael, especially at the ball. Sasha says Michael was a last minute escort and they aren't serious. She reminds Nina that she won't be in PC much longer, especially if the right job comes up (Hey, weren't Valentin and Nina supposed to get married in May? Whatever happened to that?)

Nina complains that Willow always played the victim. She mentions overhearing Willow talk about giving up her baby and how it triggered her feelings for what Madeline did to her. Sasha feels Nina should give Willow the benefit of the doubt.

Michael stops by to check on Willow, who's worried it's only a matter of time before Shiloh finds out about Wylie. She believes Shiloh will stop at nothing to gain custody. Michael reassures her that she has a good lawyer in Diane. The two share a hug as Nina arrives and sees it. (Does Nina have nothing better to do than hang around the local school?)

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Nina claims she's there to clear the air, but believes Willow is to blame for what happened at the ball. Willow says thanks to Nina, her whole life has blown up. Nina blames Willow for talking about her personal stuff out in the open.

Michael apologizes to Sasha for leaving her at the ball. He wants them to get to know each other better, so Sasha agrees to a dinner. Carly sees the two share a kiss and is happy for Michael.

Jason updates Sonny that the pledges were found, including Margaux's. Her pledge concerned the proof about her mother conspiring with Scully to kill her father, and it was destroyed. He says they now have leverage against Margaux. (Hey, remember when it was evil of Shiloh to have leverage on someone, but it's perfectly okay for Sonny?)

Margaux checks on Shiloh, who claims his fall was an accident. Margaux tells him that Sonny has proof he committed crimes. She says she saw the attic. Shiloh claims the proof is manufactured and Sonny was upset because of Kristina. Shiloh says if any proof Sonny has comes to light, he wants Margaux to take care of it.

Sam drops by to see Kristina and give her the pledge. She admits she was never part of DOD and only did it to protect Kristina. Sam says the it's up to Kristina to decide what she does with the her pledge.

Kristina gets a match and burns the note and the flash drive. Sonny shows up and Alexis tells him the pledge was about her. Sonny thanks Sam for what she did.

Jason introduces himself to Willow. He hands over her pledge and says Shiloh no longer has anything on her. Jason says Willow put herself on the line for Kristina, which makes her a hero in his eyes.

Nina's surprised to find Jax waiting for her in his office. He says they are now partners.