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WATCH Loni Love: "I Have to Behave a Certain Way on TV Due to My Size & Color"

Loni Love

Loni Love

The women of The Real always keep it just that, real, regarding how they are portrayed on television and in general. However, co-host Loni Love admits even though they are honest about things in their lives, she still has to keep some of herself reserved on camera. In an interview with Madam Noire, Love reveals how she still tries to be cognizant of her portrayal on television. Love stated,

Being on a show like The Real, I’m the darkest and I’m the biggest girl. You have to understand, even though they’re women of color, you have to look at the women of color I’m sitting next to. If there’s a certain subject, there’s a certain way I have to deliver things because if I have this thin Asian chick next to me and I’m barking at her that’s the way it’s going to look to America.

Love also stated she had to refrain and pull back her commentary due to poor lighting in the earlier seasons of the talk show. The comic remarked her appearance made her more aware of things she said due to viewers and the audience possibly taking it the wrong way. According to Love,

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When people see things, they take your message a different way if you don’t look a certain way to them.

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