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Perkie's Observations: Curtis Bargains With Ryan on General Hospital

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Curtis Ashford, General Hospital

Donnell Turner

Curtis says he saved Ryan's life and wants consent to give his kidney to Jordan. Ryan refuses, then asks what it's worth to Curtis. Curtis asks what Ryan's price is.

Robert congratulates Finn on the engagement and tells him he just wants Anna to be happy. Anna and Robert discuss what happened and he questions why she thought he wanted to remarry her. Anna says she saw him with the ring and jumped to the wrong conclusion.

Robert admits that Anna is the love of his life, but they no longer have a place in their lives. Anna mentions that Peter and Maxie are heading out to visit Robin, which does not sit well with Robert.

Robert reminds Anna that she's not Peter's mother, but she says there is no proof that Alex is. Anna feels it doesn't matter. Peter is still part of her family and he won't hurt Robin. Robert feels Anna should see Alex and find out where she stands.

At the courthouse, Scotty reminds Ava to plead not guilty. He thinks he can blame temporary insanity. When the judge arrives, Ava enters her plea and Scotty asks that she be released on bail. Margaux has no objection, so Ava is released.

Jordan admits to Laura that it creeps her out to accept Ryan's kidney. Laura says Kevin has the same DNA and it's just tissue that will save her life. Laura gets a call that Port Charles will have jurisdiction over Ryan's crimes.

Maxie tells Peter she wants to get Lulu and Dante back together, and wants his help in bringing Dante home. (What the what? He's not at a beach resort, he's in deprograming). Maxie says the WSB are only doing enough to get Dante back to work for them and not to get him home.
She points to her own past with Frisco as an example. She feels Lulu is burying herself in work and will burn herself out. Peter agrees to help her.

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Sam tells Jason she's going to help Julian and Lucas. She explains that Shiloh is Wylie's father. Sam then asks when Jason will be coming home to stay. He agrees that it's time. The two tell Danny (who's aged 10 years since we saw him last).

Ryan wonders why an infectious disease doctor is treating him. Finn says he wants to make sure the kidney remains viable and infection free. Ryan says he has no plans to help Jordan.

Lulu talks to Kevin about her issues with him. She knows he loves Laura, but has no control over her reaction whenever she sees him. Lulu suddenly realizes this is how it is with Dante.

Curtis tells Laura and Jordan that Ryan wants all charges dropped in exchange for the kidney. Laura thinks they can plea bargain and take the Texas death penalty off the table. Jordan refuses to bargain. She insists Ryan will pay for his crimes.

Ava tells Julian that Kiki was crying out for her when she died. Julian says Ryan is messing with her head and not to let him.

Anna tells Finn that she's leaving for Zurich to talk to Alex (and so begins Finola's summer vacation).

Jordan tells Laura she can't do the work and offers her resignation, which Laura turns down.

Kevin pays Ryan a visit.