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Perkie's Observations: Kevin and Finn Conspire on General Hospital

Jon Lindstrom

Jon Lindstrom

Kevin gloats to Ryan that he has no one who cares about him. Ryan still believes Ava wants and loves him. Kevin feels Ryan will pay for what he's done. Ryan doesn't think Kevin is capable of killing him. Kevin says he wants Ryan to live to see how little he matters.

Sonny complains to Michael about Jax being in town (wah, wah, wah, what a baby). Michael reminds his idiot father that Josslyn needs her father. Alexis agrees to be Jax's lawyer for the Aurora/Crimson contracts. She warns him again that Valentin is seriously dangerous. Jax is not worried.

Valentin overhears Nina telling Sasha how she thinks she'll love working with Jax.

Ava and Franco find each other at Kiki's grave on her birthday. Franco says Ryan will live, and Ava feels this gives her another chance to get it right and kill him. Franco doesn't want her to do it, especially not before Ryan saves Jordan's life. He wants this whole mess to turn into something good, for Kiki's sake. Franco says Kiki helped him out of a dark spot and he wants to pay it forward for Ava. Ava says she can't let her vengeance go.

Curtis confides in Finn that he doesn't care how many laws need to be broken in order for Jordan to get Ryan's kidney. Finn wonders how easy it would be to make sure Ryan never wakes up from surgery (I was confused by this until the end of the episode when I figured it out).

Sasha and Michael have a date. She tells him Jax is buying out half of Aurora. He mentions Jax was his stepfather for most of his childhood and says he and Sonny don't get along.

Sasha says she's sees a combination of both men in Michael. After their meal the two head up to her hotel room.

Neil runs into Alexis and Jax. Neil is surprised at how well the two get along despite being exes. Alexis says Jax is her friend and is happy he's in her life. Alexis mentions Sam got all the pledges back and Kristina's secret was about her.

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Alexis says Sonny has more skeletons in his closet but she's always Kristina's punching bag. Neil helps her to see she resents Kristina. Alexis asks if she should tell Kristina how she feels and ask what the pledge was. Neil says Kristina is not ready and Alexis will lose her. After Neil leaves, Alexis looks him up online and sees a book dedication from him to his wife and daughter.

Jax meets with Nina. She says she'll accept his budget cuts only if she can't raise circulation in 3 months.

Valentin meets with Sonny. (In what world would Sonny even listen to Valentin considering everything he's done to Sonny's grandson? Puhleeze!) Valentin mentions that Jax is the new owner of Crimson, despite he has no history in publishing. He tells Sonny he believes Jax would be better off back in Australia.

Kevin tells Finn he did everything he could to save Ryan, but his brother has no humanity. Kevin admits he wants his brother gone and wonders what kind of doctor that makes him.

Valerie pays Jordan a visit. Jordan says she's trying to be strong to face the end with dignity and not give up. Valerie is upset that Ryan won't give his kidney, but Jordan knows he is under no obligation to do it.

Nina tells Valentin she wants to postpone the wedding since Crimson will be taking up all of her attention. She says they can do it in September.

Ava runs into Kevin, who tells her Ryan will live, but Jordan may not. The two jokingly...officially... break up. Ava thanks him for going above and beyond.

Finn promises Jordan a kidney will come to her. Kevin gives someone an order.

Someone comes into Ryan's room and injects him. (See, this is where I got confused. After the Ava/Kevin scene I expected Ava to pay Ryan a visit and convince him to donate. But, it looks like Finn and Kevin decided to take the kidney without Ryan's consent? And possibly kill him on the table once they have it??)