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Jeopardy! Ratings Soar as James Holzhauer's Reign Comes To an End


Jeopardy! champ James Holzhauer's 32-winning game streak came to an end on Monday night. The professional gambler was just $70,000 away from beating the record set by 2004 champ Ken Jennings. Jennings snared a whopping $2.52 million earnings over 74 games. 

Holzhauer's total earnings on Friday were up to $2,462.212, but Monday it all ended when he answered the Final Jeopardy question incorrectly. His competitor, Emma Boettcher, won by answering it correctly. Many wondered if ratings would take a hit after a leaked video appeared on Twitter Sunday night, where fans of the show saw ahead of Monday Holzhauer's loss. 

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Despite the leak, the long-running show brought in 10.1 household rating in overnight metered markets according to The Hollywood Reporter. The show averaged an 8.3 household rating the week of April 29, which marked a 14-year high. During that same week, the show saw 13.28 million viewers, the highest of Holzhauer's run at that time, and the audience grew by 32 percent its first four weeks of his run.