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Perkie's Observations: Drew Helps Kim Work Through Her Grief on General Hospital

Billy Miller, Tamara Braun

Billy Miller, Tamara Braun

Ryan has a seizure, but survives. Finn sends him for tests.

Franco's disposing of rubber gloves (that's too much of a red herring), when Cameron spots him. He claims he was wearing gloves because he was using acetone in his studio. Franco asks Cameron about Oscar, but he isn't interested in sharing his feelings.

TJ's upset that Ryan refuses to give up his kidney. Jordan wants forgiveness for their past and the secrets she kept. TJ worries that he'll lose his mother.

Stella tells Curtis she wants a chance to convince Ryan, but Curtis refuses to let her. Finn shows up and tells them Ryan had an allergic reaction to his medication.

In Tanzania, Drew and Kim prepare for the climb up Kilimanjaro. Kim admits she doesn't sleep because she dreams that Oscar is still alive. Kim cries about Oscar and says she doesn't know how to say goodbye. Drew promises she doesn't have to do it alone.

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Joss shows Carly and Sonny what she can do on Oscar's guitar. She says she needs to get used to Oscar not being there. Carly says it's a day by day process and she'll eventually feel better.

Cameron and Joss hang out. Joss admits she doesn't want to forget about Oscar. The two spot fireflies, Joss catches one and makes a wish on it.

CarSon head to Morgan's grave to ask him to watch out over Oscar. They spot fireflies.

Franco tells Liz that he went to Kiki's grave for her birthday. He admits he hasn't found peace and still feels rage over her death.

TJ heads to Ryan's room to beg for Jordan's life. Ryan refuses. Stella shows up and says she's not leaving until Ryan gives in. Stella says she believes in a higher power and all of Ryan's crimes have led them to this moment. Stella believes if Ryan doesn't give the kidney, then karma will send him straight to hell. Ryan agrees to the transplant just to shut her up.

Finn lets Jordan know that Ryan has agreed. Ryan says something could happen to him in surgery, but Finn says he'll treat him like all his other patients. Stella promises to speak at Ryan's sentencing on his behalf. Ryan signs the permission papers.