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Perkie's Observations: Julian and Sam Do Some Dirty Work on General Hospital

William deVry

William deVry

Margaux is not amused when Sonny and Jason summon her to Casa Corinthos. Jason says he has proof against Shiloh that will send him to prison. They play the recording of Shiloh drugging and tattooing Sam. Jason says Shiloh took Sam to a different location to sexually assault her.

Jason says he found the pledges and destroyed them except for hers. Sonny tells Margaux she needs to bring Shiloh to justice. Margaux points out she's going from one blackmailer to another. Sonny claims she'll be the hero.

Margaux points out Sonny now has leverage over her, but he returns her pledge. Harmony is shocked to see Shiloh's injuries, but he's more concerned with accusing her of keeping this child from him.

Harmony denies knowing anything about Willow having a baby. Shiloh accuses Harmony of being insecure and jealous of his relationship with Willow. Shiloh tells Harmony if she doesn't help him find his child, there will no longer be a place for her at DOD, or with him.

Michael defends Willow to Brad, letting him know she sacrificed everything to protect Wylie. Michael says Willow is very brave for everything she's done.

Chase runs into Michael and the two discuss what happened between Willow and Shiloh at the ball. Michael says Shiloh will come looking for Wylie and needs to be stopped.

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Lucas drops by to see Willow to apologize for freaking out at the ball. He's grateful that she picked Brucas to be Wylie's parents. Lucas says he isn't the enemy and he wants Willow to have a part in Wylie's life.

Willow says Wylie is where he belongs and she can never see him again. Willow is certain that Shiloh will keep en eye on her and she can't risk him finding out about Wylie. She begs Lucas to keep Wylie safe.

Sam and Julian play a con on a records employee. Sam pretends to be Willow, needing to put an amendment in her adoption file. While the man is distracted, Sam and Julian switch out the information in the file to show no connection between Willow and Wylie.

Lulu complains to Maxie and Peter that her current story isn't as impactful as the story on Ryan. Maxie disagrees saying the story is important to the women who are looking for love and getting robbed instead. After Lulu leaves, Maxie is determined more than ever to find Dante despite Peter's reservations.

Jason joins Michael at the pub and reassures him that Shiloh is about to be arrested. Sam and Julian arrive after their con and Sam grudgingly admits that Julian was helpful. Julian tells Brucas there is no longer a paper trail from Willow to Wylie.

Harmony goes to Willow to tell her that Shiloh knows about the baby. Willow sticks with her story that she miscarried and there is no baby. Harmony doesn't believe her and asks where the baby is.

Margaux gets a warrant for Shiloh's arrest and calls Chase to serve it.
Chase goes to the hospital and places Shiloh under arrest for extortion, assault, and attempted rape.