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Perkie's Observations: Margaux Confronts Shiloh on General Hospital

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Elizabeth Hendrickson

Elizabeth Hendrickson

Laura, Kevin, Finn, and Franco (why Franco) sit and wait while Ryan has surgery to remove his kidney. Franco worries that Jordan's body will reject the kidney.

Meanwhile, the Ashfords wait for Jordan to be prepped. Jordan questions why Ryan changed his mind about donating the kidney. Curtis is just happy that Jordan's life is being saved.

Shiloh is happy when Margaux shows up. He complains that Chase arrested him. Margaux however, says she's the one that requested the arrest warrant. Margaux tells him that everything against him is a felony, which could put him away for 20 years.

Shiloh questions how this is possible. Margaux says she has evidence against him that will be admissible in court. Shiloh warns that if she follows through, he will retaliate. He reminds her about the pledge. Margaux pulls the pledge from her purse. Shiloh says he remembers it all in his head and when the truth comes out, her career will be over. Margaux says it doesn't matter since she's resigning as DA.

Willow insists she miscarried the baby, but Harmony continues to push, saying she and Shiloh can give Willow a family. Harmony claims that Shiloh is not a threat. Harmony says Shiloh's been hurt, but he's ready to forgive. Willow doesn't give a crap what Shiloh thinks and insists again there is no baby.

Harmony thinks Willow needs guidance because she's lost and angry, and the truth will come out. Willow angrily says if there was a child she would never let Shiloh near it. Harmony figures this is as good as an admission and decides there is a baby out there.

Willow tells Harmony the pledges were destroyed and Shiloh has no leverage against her anymore. Harmony is shocked when Willow tells her about Shiloh's arrest.

Carly has a nightmare that Ryan came and stole her baby, but Sonny reassures her that Ryan is in custody. Ava shows up. She wants to spend time with Avery to celebrate Kiki's birthday. Carly says they celebrated already and Josslyn took Avery to the zoo.

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Sonny asks what happened with Ryan when she lured him to the cabin. Carly realizes that Ava and Kevin were all an act. Ava explains what happened and how she stabbed Ryan in the back.

Julian talks to Alexis about Brucas and Wylie, basically letting her know he's aware of everything going on. Alexis warns him not to interfere. Julian mentions Kristina. He knows she was in DOD and released. He calls Alexis a hypocrite for helping Kristina out of that situation and not allowing him to help Lucas. Alexis warns him again to back off.

Finn lets everyone know that Ryan is out of surgery and the kidney has been cleared for transplant. Before heading into surgery, Jordan tells Stella she requested a DNR and she wants Stella to advocate for her should it be needed.

Franco and Kevin watch Ryan as he remains unconscious after surgery. Franco wonders if it would be easy for Kevin to go in there and put a pillow over Ryan's face. He warns against it, saying Kevin's friends and family would be upset.

Alexis updates Carly and Sonny on the Brucas/Wylie situation. She says Shiloh will fight for custody when he finds out. She worries that Julian will stick his nose in and tells Carly to keep an eye on Lucas.

Julian pays Willow a visit and lets her know that one set of adoption papers have been taken care of. He says Diane has a copy that needs to be eliminated. He tells Willow she'll have to destroy them.

Harmony is upset when Chase tells her that Shiloh is in police custody. Margaux questions whether Harmony is an accessory since she knew about the pledges and the sexual assault. She warns that Harmony may be charged as well. Harmony is allowed to see Shiloh and tells him she's certain there is a baby out there.

Margaux tells Laura that she's resigning, effective immediately.

Jordan is prepped and taken into surgery.

Finn worries when Ryan doesn't wake up and believes he may have slipped into a coma.