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Perkie's Observations: Who Saved Jordan on General Hospital?

Genie Francis, Jon Lindstrom

Genie Francis, Jon Lindstrom

Kevin tells Laura that Ryan's coma is an unfortunate consequence of the surgery. Laura says Ryan did something decent on his way out. (After the commercial break, there's a lot of wink, wink, nudge, nudge, and if you read between the lines, it seems as though Kevin confessed to Laura what actually happened. The show never comes right out and says it, but the inference is that Kevin switched places with Ryan and signed the consent form. Looks like Kevin, Finn, Franco...why? Liz, possibly Valerie as the cop on the door, and I'm unsure about Curtis, are involved.)

Kevin asks Laura if she's disappointed in him, but she says it helped saved Jordan's life since Ryan would not have voluntarily given up the kidney. Kevin says he's finally finished with his brother and will no longer enable him.

Finn and Liz let the Ashfords know that Jordan is out of surgery. Curtis spots the DNR in Liz's hand and questions it. Stella and TJ explain it, and Stella says it was Jordan's wish. TJ says it took away some of Jordan's worries so she could focus on fighting.

Jax drops by Casa Corithos with a surfboard for Josslyn. (Where are these people surfing in upstate New York?) Carly mentions she's scared for Josslyn and how she'll get over her grief.

Jax mentions he bought half of Aurora and plans to stay in town. Carly's thrilled, but reminds him that Sonny is a petulant baby who's going to boo hoo hoo about it. Jax promises to be the grown up and coexist.

The Crimson women are trying to decide who's worthy of being on the cover of the September issue. All of Sasha's suggestions get rejected. Maxie decides to throw Ava into the mix.

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Sasha and Nina get their panties in a bunch because Ava is so evil. (Hey ladies, one of you is lying about the other's maternity and the other ripped a baby out of a womb, so let's get off the high horse for five minutes.)

Maxie believes telling Ava's story will sell magazines and Nina will make money off her. Nina counters that she won't exploit Kiki's death, which she believes Ava will do. Maxie believes the viewers will see Ava for who she really is. (I have a hard time understanding Maxie's logic here.

Franco updates Ava that Ryan is in a coma and the worst is over. He says Ryan is going to jail and Ava needs to forget him. Ava's not sure how to start the next chapter of her life because it's not easy to move on. Franco tells her to go back to the art gallery and not let Ryan take anything else from her.

Sasha meets with Michael, who says he has a business trip to Martha's Vineyard. He asks if she wants to join him.

Carly has an appointment for more genetic testing. She's not sure she wants to bother, but her doctor tells her because of her history it's better to be safe than sorry.

Jordan is in recovery and allowed to have visitors. Curtis is happy the nightmare is over. Jordan is still confused as to why Ryan decided to donate the kidney. (Curtis sort of looked suspicious, but I can't tell if he was in on it or not. I'm guessing he was since it will cause problems in the marriage once Jordan finds out.)

Nina finds Ava and says she wants her for the cover of Crimson. 

The police come to take a comatose Ryan to Pentonville. Laura, Kevin, Finn, Franco, and Liz stand by and watch him leave. (See if Curtis and Stella were in on it, they would be there for the goodbye scene to let us know that they were in on it.)