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Perkie's Observations: Kristina Implores Sonny to Back Off on General Hospital

Lexi Ainsworth

Lexi Ainsworth

Sonny warns Jason not to do anything stupid out of anger and impulsiveness. Jason however, wants Shiloh dead and gone. Sonny counters that he wants it done right and Jason needs to wait. Jason calls Sam to give her a heads up about Shiloh's release.

Peter asks if Maxie wants to take the trip to Berkeley this weekend, but she checks her calendar, which reminds her she's planning a surprise birthday party for him. Talk turns back to Dante and Maxie's need to find him so he can reunite with Lulu.

Peter reminds her that Dante is undergoing treatment and he needs time to heal. Maxie feels Dante needs to know that Lulu still loves him and it's her job to make it happen.

Chase lets Willow know the charges against Shiloh were dropped because Harmony confessed on his behalf. Willow explains how Harmony and her father got so involved with Shiloh. Willow tells Chase her father was also a disciple of Shiloh's until Harmony got involved.

Willow explains how it broke her father, and he passed away (committed suicide or helped by Shiloh/Harmony??). Willow says they need to make sure there is no connection to Wylie. She shows Chase her hospital wristband and says it's the only thing she has left of him. Chase offers to hold onto it for her until this mess is over.

Alexis has a session with Neil and complains about Julian and his involvement in the custody issue. She admits that Julian may have been right about her moral compass. Alexis wonders if Kristina thinks she's more dangerous than Sonny because of her lax moral compass. Neil warns her again not to push Kristina about the pledge.

Alexis pushes about kids and Neil is forced to tell her again his life is private and the sessions are about her only. Later, Alexis returns to the office to apologize for overstepping.

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Sam runs into Shiloh at Charlie's. He apologizes to Sam, claiming he would never harm her. Shiloh says Harmony was the one who drugged her. Sam says she did not consent to being taken to the lighthouse for sex, but he denies he had any intention of assaulting her. He wants Sam to put this behind her so she can continue their journey together (oy vey, the balls on this guy).

Sam says she was lying the entire time she was with DOD and she ran a better con on him than he did on her. Shiloh gets angry and grabs her arm. Just then, Jason arrives and warns him to let her go.

Shiloh says he told police that Jason was the one to throw him down the stairs and if anything were to happen to him, Jason would be the first suspect.

Kristina goes to Sonny to let him know she's heard about Shiloh's release. She says she doesn't want Shiloh to die. Kristina appreciates what her father does for her, but wants him to stop fixing things for her.

Sonny says it's his job to spoil and protect his daughters. Kristina says she has to stand on her own and he has to let her. She says she chooses to live without blood on her hands and her father needs to honor that wish.

Sam asks Jason if what happened with her and Shiloh reminds him of what happened with Franco. Jason says he has nightmares of that night because he couldn't save her and is afraid it will happen again.

Sonny calls Jason and tells him to back off whatever plans he has for Shiloh. Jason's not happy about it, but Sam promises they'll figure something else out.

Shiloh ends up at Mercy, sweet talking a clerk into checking their records. He finds out that Willow gave birth to a baby boy in July 2018.