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Perkie's Observations: Shiloh Starts a Search for His Baby on General Hospital

Coby Ryan McLaughlin, William deVry

Coby Ryan McLaughlin, William deVry

Nina tells Ava she wants to interview her. At first, Ava refuses to talk about Ryan and what he did to her. Nina says Ava can tell her story to the world, but Ava doesn't want to be pitied or ridiculed.

Nina says Ava's story could help other women to help them take control of their lives. She sees Ava as a phoenix rising from the ashes. Ava doesn't want to be judged, but Nina says Ava needs to reclaim her life and she would control the narrative. Nina promises Ava would have final approval of the story and it could help sway people to her side for the trial.

Carly tells Lucas that Sonny has resources and he doesn't need to turn to Julian. This does not sit well with Julian, who says he's ready to protect his grandson. Lucas says his father has helped so far, despite Carly's claims that Julian needs to stay out of it.

Carly says Julian will make things worse, especially if family court finds out he was involved. Julian says everyone is on board and doing their part. Lucas agrees, saying Willow is involved as well.

Julian figures Carly is just upset that Lucas came to him and not her. Kristina shows up so the group stops discussing the problem.

Diane meets with Willow and is not happy when Willow explains that her mother figured out there is a baby out there. Willow is certain that Shiloh will find out about Wylie. Diane tells her that Shiloh was arrested.

Willow says the records prove that Brucas adopted Wylie, but the official ones have been taken care of. She says Diane has the last copy, but Diane refuses to destroy hers since she could lose her license.

Diane reassures Willow that Shiloh won't have access to any files and the baby is safe with Brucas. Willow points out that Shiloh doesn't care about the law and will have someone do him a favor. Diane says Willow's privacy is protected. Diane says Shiloh can't prove that Willow had a baby.

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Nurse Judy (who?) comes in to tend to Shiloh and is upset her fearless leader is being treated this way. Shiloh swears he's innocent and his goal is to find his child. He asks for help in finding the baby. The nurse promises to get him a list of surrounding hospitals where the baby could have been born.

Kristina stops over with a gift for Sonny and thanks him for helping her find her way again. Sonny says Kristina will have to testify against Shiloh, but promises he'll spend his life in jail.

Bobbie runs into Jax and they make small talk about Joss' grief, Carly's pregnancy, and his new job.

Shiloh is released from the hospital to prepare for his arraignment. Harmony shows up. She tells Chase she was the one who drugged Kristina and Sam, and Shiloh had no knowledge. Chase says this makes Harmony an accomplice to attempted rape. Shiloh counters that Sam consented to be taken to the lighthouse.

Chase says if Harmony is lying, she can be charged with obstruction of justice. Harmony claims she's telling the truth and Shiloh knew nothing. Chase is forced to arrest Harmony and release Shiloh. (Why release Shiloh since Sam and Willow have both accused him of sexual assault?)

Chase heads to Casa Corinthos. He updates Jason and Sonny and swears he's still building a case against Shiloh. Chase asks them not to take matters into their own hands, since they'll be the first suspects.

Chase asks for cooperation and wants them to work together. After Chase leaves, Sonny tells Jason to make sure nothing is traced back to them.

Shiloh heads to the pub where he runs into Kristina, who is upset by his presence. Carly and Lucas help protect Kristina while Julian tells Shiloh that he's not wanted in his place of business.

Shiloh heads out and starts calling local hospitals to find birth records.