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Perkie's Observations: Jax Pulls the Morgan Card on Ava on General Hospital

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Jasper Jacks, General Hospital

Ingo Rademacher

Drew and Kim spread Oscar's ashes. When they return to the hotel, Kim suffers from altitude sickness, which makes her hallucinate that Oscar is there with her.

Jordan is still wondering why Ryan decided to give her the kidney. Kevin says Stella managed to convince Ryan. Jordan wants to speak with Ryan, but Kevin says he's in a coma at Pentonville.

Ryan wakes up at Pentonville, confused as to why he's there with abdominal pain. Finn says the pain is from his kidney removal. Ryan claims he didn't consent to giving his kidney. Finn assures Ryan that he signed the forms and just doesn't remember.

Jax and Josslyn heads over to Crimson where Jax meets with Nina and Ava. Maxie sits and keeps Josslyn company. Josslyn sends a text to Oscar's phone for old time's sake and is surprised when someone answers. It turns out that Drew had the phone and was responding to help Josslyn feel better.

Josslyn tells Maxie she never had a chance to say goodbye to Oscar. Maxie suggests a seance.

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Ava's not in a hurry to sign the contract for the Crimson story. She wants to make sure the story is told her way. Nina's ready to give her whatever she wants, but Jax isn't. Jax says Connie no longer has a voice thanks to Ava and she has a high body count, including Morgan. 

Jax says Crimson means a lot to him and Ava needs to answer to these questions. Ava refuses to do the article and leaves. Nina doesn't understand why Jax did this and accuses him of wanting the magazine to fail. Jax apologizes for losing his temper. Nina says he needs to get Ava to do the article.

Valerie heads to the hospital. She lets everyone know how Ryan is awake and claims he never consented to the transplant.

Ryan puts the pieces together and figures out Finn and Kevin conspired to steal his kidney. Finn says Ryan sounds crazy.

Jordan puts her detective hat on and tells Curtis what she believes happened. Jordan feels Finn put the drugs in Ryan's IV, causing the seizure. She figures when Ryan was taken for tests, Kevin switched places. She also figured out that Liz, Franco, and Valerie were involved.

Jordan tells Curtis she won't pursue this since she knows he's the ring leader and he wouldn't have left any clues behind.

Ryan gets a visit from someone he knows at Pentonville.