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Perkie's Observations: Willow Tries to Cover Wylie's Tracks on General Hospital

Katelyn MacMullen

Katelyn MacMullen

Ryan's visitor is none other than Nelle (I know she's crazy, but I love Chloe Lanier so I actually giggled a little when she walked in. Because two crazies make it right!!) The two recognize each other and commiserate about what others have done to them.

Nelle blames Carly for all her issues. Ryan mentions he was next door to Carly at Ferncliff and heard her sessions with Kevin. Nelle mentions how Ava turned on her as well. Ryan perks up at the name.

Ryan mentions how they stole his kidney. Nelle shows her own scar. Ryan doesn't think it's a coincidence the two are together. He believes it's fate, and he and Nelle can help each other.

Jax tells Carly about having Ava on the cover of Crimson to keep Nina happy. Carly loses her mind, going off on Jax. She tells him what Ava did to Morgan. Jax says he wants to hold up Ava for the world to judge and asks Carly's help in convincing her.

Shiloh pays Harmony a visit in lockup to tell her he found out he has a son. He says he's taking steps to find the baby. Harmony wants him to help her get out since she covered for him.

Shiloh says finding his son is his priority. Harmony says she's not going to prison for him and he needs to get her a lawyer. Shiloh says he wants to hire an expensive custody lawyer who'll find the whereabouts of the baby from Willow. Harmony accepts that, in exchange for his agreement, he'll raise the baby with her.

Willow still worries that Shiloh will find Wylie. Michael tells her to focus on the things she can control. He adds that Shiloh has no proof. Willow says she never put Shiloh's name on the birth certificate, but he still has parental rights.

Willow says there are birth records at Mercy, but Michael feels there is no way Shiloh could access them. Michael reassures her that Wylie is in a stable home and Shiloh's criminal activities will prevent him from getting custody (apparently Michael has forgotten his own parents' criminal activities).

Willow is still worried, but Michael says they'll fight it legally with everything they have. He says if that doesn't work, then Sonny will deal with things. (Again, the hypocrisy of Shiloh being kept from his son because of his criminality, but let's remind viewers that Sonny can make Shiloh disappear...because he's a criminal.)

Brad continues to freak out while Julian promises to help him find a solution. Sonny interrupts. He tells both of them it isn't about them and to let him handle it. (Shut up Sonny). Julian says Lucas needs him and he'll do whatever it takes. He says he wants in on whatever Sonny's plan is for Shiloh. Sonny claims he has no plans in motion.

Lulu has a fake date for her article. She realizes he isn't the man who's swindling women, so she gently lets him down. She says she's not into dating. Sonny sees her on her date and questions her.

Lulu explains that it's for an article, though she admits the attention was nice. Sonny says Dante would be here if he could. Lulu understands, but wonders how long she can live, not knowing if he'll ever come back.

Ava finds Jax and gloats to Carly that she's doing the cover. Carly plays along and gets upset telling Jax that he'll regret it. Ava tells Jax she wants the article to show who she really is. Jax agrees, so Ava signs the forms.

Carly's doctor has more test results. They indicate the possibility of birth defects. She offers a different ultrasound for Carly and tells her not to panic.

Julian asks Brad if he's certain that the real birth mother is out of the picture. Brad swears she can't stake any claim. Julian says she better not since she's the only one who has legal grounds for custody.

Michael is with Willow when she receives a summons to appear in family court.