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Perkie's Observations: Nelle Rattles Brad's Cage on General Hospital

Chloe Lanier, Parry Shen

Chloe Lanier, Parry Shen

Willow figures the summons means that Shiloh figured out she gave birth. Michael counters it wasn't legally obtained and Diane will get it thrown out. Willow speaks with Diane, who says she has to appear. Willow is determined that Shiloh will not get his hands on Wylie.

Jason, Sam, and Carly discuss the Shiloh/Wylie issue. Sam mentions she and Julian made sure there was no paper trail. Sam also mentions that many of Shiloh's followers are leaving and DOD is unravelling.

Brad stops by to see crazy pants Nelle at Pentonville. He complains he's afraid he'll lose everything if anyone finds out the truth about Wylie. He wants to make sure Nelle is on the same page.

Brad wants to make sure Nelle won't interfere, but Nelle decides she might want to be a part of her son's life. She says she's been behaving and may be up for parole. Nelle thinks Wylie needs a strong female presence and she is a great ally for Brad. Brad really just wants her to leave things as they are.

Jordan shows Curtis all their medical bills and worries they won't be able to pay them. She wonders what will happen if she can't go back to work and if they end up in debt. Curtis reassures her that everything will work itself out.

Margaux runs into Shiloh. She says she knows Harmony is lying and taking the fall for him. She points out that many people have already left DOD, but Shiloh doesn't seem concerned. He says he'll welcome Margaux back once she realizes she made a mistake by leaving.

Joss goes to Lucy to ask for her help in contacting Oscar in the great beyond. She says she felt him at the ball and never had a chance to say goodbye. Lucy feels Oscar's death is too fresh. She tells Joss that Oscar would want her to be strong and live her life.

Margaux asks to speak with Jason, who complains about her releasing Shiloh. Margaux says she had no evidence against him since Harmony confessed. She says she did some digging into the death of DOD member Doug Miller. He died from a drug overdose in Beechers Corners. Margaux feels Shiloh was behind it and wants Jason to look into it.

Sam notices something is bothering Carly. She admits she's worried about the baby. Carly explains about the possible birth defects. Sam tells her to share this with Sonny. Carly doesn't want to worry Sonny until there is something to worry about.

Willow pays Harmony a visit in lockup and begs her to tell the truth. She says Shiloh won't be grateful since he only loves himself. Harmony feels their work will continue and her faith will guide her in prison.

Willow doesn't want her mother to throw her life away and the two of them can be a family again without Shiloh. Harmony refuses.

Michael seeks out Shiloh to gloat that DOD has lost another member since Margaux left. Shiloh says he'll add another member once he finds his son. Michael tells Shiloh he bought the house he's leasing and will turn it into a refuge for battered women.

Nelle's new roommate is none other than Harmony.