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Ambitions "Friends & Lovers" Recap: Queen Stephanie Carlisle RULES Atlanta

ambitions s1 ep 1

And with a mouth kissing up a backside and a shoulder, Ambitions begins! Titus is happy but not when Amara says words that seem all too familiar or all too stale . . . Whoop! He meant nothing . . . Damian Collins was apparently all up on Amara, at some point. Who are these folks and when can I know more? 

Who is Tracy and why is Stephanie stepping on a vile of drugs and a syringe and a gun and she's waking up and WTF? 

And that was the opening scene, y'all!!!

Here comes Stephanie Carlisle, her husband, Evan,  and their privileged daughter, Carly - who normally sleeps til dinner time. She clearly loves her daddy and is somewhat put off by her overbearing mother. 

Next up, Greg rolls up into Rondell's restaurant while she is dancing and having a good old time. He wants to buy her place and she wants to '"stop his smug ass from gutting this neighborhood." Rondell has got a blade and she ain't afraid to use it . . . for a colonoscopy. 

Amara is a lawyer transferred in from Birmingham. Karen wants her to take a "damn case" that seems to be pretty juicy and important. As important as it is, Amara refuses. 

Across town, Stephanie Carlisle's mama stopped by the office to plan what seems to be an annual gala. Stephanie is also a lawyer and is planning a class action with her daddy... in her daddy's firm - perhaps the same case Amara just refused. It seems like Stephanie wants her name on the door -  and, oh Lord thinks she thinks her husband the mayor is a "bottom feeder". 

Giggle - This story is already juicy, y'all. 

Greasy, Mr. Purifoy of Purifoy pharmaceuticals wants Titus to shut this mess of a lawsuit down. He wants to avoid the Carlisle's at all costs but Titus says greasy Purifoy should show up - and, oh Lord, he just called Titus a "young brother." and himself a "cracker". Purifoy is THAT white dude. 

Titus shows up at Stephanie's office and is admiring the view . . .  At this moment, Stephanie Carlisle is giving me every bit of soap opera diva that I could want or need. . . Then, Titus wants a hug. Stephanie is willing to admit they've been everything to each other - but friends. They hug. She plans to dismantle Purifoy pharmaceuticals. He wants her best but "her worst should concern him."

A limo pulls up with Evan Lancaster who is wanting Greg to leave Rondell alone. He is lets Evan know that he best stay in his corner if Lancaster ever wants to be the governor of Georgia. They'll see each other at the gala. 

Cut to Stephanie who needs to look perfect for the gala. She is talking to Bella who is bringing Roderick to the event. They are giving me giggling and girl talking realness . . . but I ain't trusting Stephanie one little bit. 

Meanwhile, Amara wants to reconnect with Titus and wants to skip the gala. That. ain't. happening. Amara is nervous about Stephanie - as well she should be. Titus tries to make it better with a kiss - that. also. ain't happening. 

Stephanie Carlisle is up in some bubble bath and here comes TITUS gettin up in the tub with her and THEY ARE NEKKID, Y'ALL! This is how one gets ready for a gala. . . damn, you Jamey Giddens . . . it was a dream sequence. 

HERE. COMES. THE GALA . . . Stephanie's youngest sister Tracy died last year from an opioid overdose - the focus of the fundraising. Here comes Bella with her boyfriend Roderick, and next Amara and Titus arrive to much less fanfare . . . and they run into the "cracker" Hunter Purifoy. Here comes Hunter's wife Juniper and their daughter, Lori. Titus seems to be familiar with either Juniper or Lori . . . or both. I mean, it is a soap opera, y'all. Juniper tries to get better acquainted but Amara wants a drink. 

Here comes Greg messing with Rondell . . . Titus tries to intervene but not before Rondell tells him to "kiss the crack of my black ass." 

Lori Purifoy and Carly Carlisle meet in the bathroom and get caddy and bitchy with each other. Oh wait, Lori is about to call Carly out for not coming out to mommy and daddy and then . . . sweet, baby, Jesus . . . Lori leans in and LICKS. HER. LIPS! We'll just leave that right there . . .  

Amara Hughes and Rondell Lancaster are bonding over food at the gala. During the conversation they establish that Evan is Rondell's brother and Stephanie is a pain in both of their asses. And here comes Queen Stephanie establishing her past with Amara as a big sis from a sorority. 

Big Mama - Ms. Irene Perkins Carlisle - is on stage announcing they have raised 500,000 to fight opioid addiction, but just as soon as that happens, here comes Greasy Purifoy matching that 1/2 million dollars with his own donation meant to help stop this awful opioid epidemic. Big Mama ain't buying what he's selling. 

The gala ends and Roderick and Bella come to wish Stephanie and Evan the best with their evening. Next comes Amara and Titus to do the same. Stephanie suggests that he caused Greasy, "cracker" Purifoy to make the donation but it won't even come close to covering the amount that Stephanie will win in her lawsuit against the Purifoys. 

After the party, Amara and Titus are fighting about their run ins with Stephanie. Amara should NEVER have told him about being pregnant - WHAT? She lost the baby but only after Titus left Stephanie. But wait, Titus isn't the one who cheated. What? What? And Amara reaches for her purse and calls who? Karen Carlivati. . She wants to take the case and go against Stephanie in court. 

Evan and Stephanie are home and she is not in the mood to play nice with him any more. Stephanie wants Evan's idiot sister, Rondell, to sell the restaurant. Evan isn't having it. Stephanie calls Rondell a "hood rat" Evan calls her pathetic and predictable and goes after her "junkie" kid sister. Stephanie PULLS A GUN AND INFORMS EVAN THEY WON'T FIND HIS CRISPY BITS IF HE SPEAKS TO HER THAT WAY AGAIN . . . and seals her words with a kiss.

And back to Rondell's restaurant. . . who is coming to see her at the end of the night?

And to the shower and nekkid Bella . . . with NOT Roderick, but EVAN and all of the nekkidness! The hotness fades out to "What am I gonna do with you . . . "

What a first episode of Ambitions! Y'all know this is the brain child of Daytime Confidential's own, Jamey Giddens. I think I can speak for all of us when I say that we are SO proud of him and his amazing show. What did you all think of this first episode of Ambitions? Sound off in the comments!!