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Watch: Meghan McCain Says"Don't Feel Bad For Me B**CH" to Joy Behar After Another Dust Up

Joy Behar, Meghan McCain, The View

Joy Behar, Meghan McCain

Things got really spicy on Wednesday's episode of The View with America's favorite battling Democrat Joy Behar and Republican Meghan McCain. The two faced-off over President Donald Trump's 2020 kick off rally held on Tuesday in Florida. Behar, who has never shied away from her disdain for Trump, started to jokingly question the crowd numbers and those in attendance.

McCain chimed in, discussing how big the crowd size was and claimed people lined up "40 hours before" his event. Meanwhile Behar joked they were "bussed in" to inflate the number size. McCain rebuked Behar's remarks and implored people not to "belittle the crowd." Things took a downturn soon afterwards. 

McCain accused Behar of yelling at her. The two proceeded to cross-talk against each other. Moderator Whoopi Goldberg tried to referee the two to calm them down, but those two weren't hearing it. McCain complained,

I’m the sacrificial Republican every day.

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as Behar sarcastically remarked


McCain angrily retorted back while pointing her finger at Behar as the crowd groaned,

Don’t feel bad for me, bitch, I’m paid to do this. Okay? Don’t feel bad for me.

Watch the drama unfold at the 1:25 mark, with the attempt to clean up McCain's outburst through the 9:00 mark below: