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Perkie's Observations: Michael Remembers Something About Harmony on General Hospital

Chad Duell, Laura Wright

Chad Duell, Laura Wright

Joss demands to know why Dev is in Lulu's house. He claims to be a friend of Sonny's. Joss takes his photo and calls the police, but Dev runs out. Lulu arrives as a police officer is taking Joss's statement.

Lulu tears a strip off of Joss for walking into the house when she saw that it had been broken into. She says Joss could have been killed. Joss counters she thought she was being brave, but is glad Lulu is not treating her with kid gloves.

Kevin worries about Laura being implicated in the Ryan kidney caper as an accessory. Laura's glad Kevin told her the truth, which gave her a chance to stand by his side.

Finn updates them on Ryan's condition. He's healing and will be in solitary at Pentonville by the end of the week. Finn says no one is paying any attention to Ryan's claims the kidney was taken without his consent.

Finn says the board had a meeting about Kevin and many members still hold him responsible for Ryan's reign of terror. Laura defends Kevin saying he's making amends and is an exemplary doctor. Finn says the board agreed to reinstate Kevin.

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Willow is worried about the hearing tomorrow. Chase gives her a key to his place and reassures her that Diane will do everything to protect Wylie. Chase also lists all the powerful people in Wylie's life that will protect him from Shiloh.

Jason updates the Corinthi that Shiloh is a suspect in a drug overdose in Beechers Corners. He mentions the victim's name and says Harmony was his wife. This triggers a memory from Michael about Willow's mother. Jason says he's heading to Beechers Corners to check things out, but Michael wants a chance to find out more first.

Willow meets with Diane, who found out that Shiloh hired a shark of a lawyer (Nora perhaps?). Diane says there is a slim chance things won't go their way because Willow lied about Shiloh's parental rights. Diane says she'll focus on Shiloh's predatory background.

Dev is caught and taken into custody. Chase calls for Lulu and Joss to come down to the station. Dev insists he's a friend of Sonny's. Dev claims he caught someone breaking into Lulu's house and stopped him.

Lulu explains to Chase she's trying to catch the burglar through her article. Joss calls Sonny to come down to the station. Carly is upset that she wasn't allowed to go down to the station, but Jason talks her down. Carly worries about Jason's trip to Beechers Corners because he has a rap sheet there.

Michael meets with Willow to ask about the man who overdosed in Beechers Corners. Willow admits he was her father and she killed him. (I'm certain that's just figuratively.)

Sonny gets to the station and Joss tells him the boy said he knew him. Sonny sees Dev and recognizes him from Turkey.