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Perkie's Observations: Robert Toasts To an Uncertain Future on General Hospital

Tristan Rogers

Tristan Rogers

Felicia overhears Lulu mention she's late for a date even though she's at Peter's birthday party. Mac is not happy she's using herself as bait. Lulu reassures them she has it under control and heads out.

Maxie says they need to bring Dante home, but Mac says he's being treated for severe PTSD. Peter agrees that Dante needs time to heal, but Maxie says Lulu needs him and wonders who they can contact to help them. (Oh, I don't know, maybe your father, who happens to be the head of the WSB. Eeesh!)

Kim wants to make a baby with Julian because she wants to be a mother again. She feels they have love to share. Kim wants to create a family together and he could be a father from day one.

Julian refuses saying she's not ready because she can't replace Oscar with another baby. Julian says Kim needs to time to grieve Oscar and then let go. Kim is upset at first, but Julian manages to convince her there will be a time when they will both be ready to have a family.

Margaux runs into Drew and tells him she's leaving town and why. She says she regrets how she treated him by withholding the flash drive. Drew tells her the flash drive is in his safe at Aurora. Meanwhile, a nurse at the desk looks like she might be eavesdropping on that conversation. (Or the camera people just decided to shoot that scene weirdly.)

Drew says whatever he would regain wouldn't be worth what he would lose. Margaux asks what his connection to Shiloh is, but Drew says he has no memories of their time overseas. Margaux warns him that Shiloh has shown an interest in Drew's memories and the flash drive.

Carly finds Joss cleaning up the remnants of her seance and asks if Joss made contact. Joss says she's not sure since she felt something outside, but no one was there. Joss is still concerned she never said goodbye to Oscar before he died.

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Carly thinks Joss needs counseling, but she disagrees. Joss says she's just talking to people. She wants her mother to stop pushing and give her room. Sonny tells them Rocco has forgotten his baseball glove at home. Joss offers to go to Lulu's to pick it up and bring it back.

After Joss leaves, Sonny notices how Carly is distracted. She tells him about the latest maternity tests, which could indicate a birth defect. Sonny reassures her that whatever it is, they'll face it together.

Lulu makes eyes at someone at Kelly's who she believes is her date. She calls whoever is watching her house to tell them the date has arrived and isn't the robber so they can leave. It turns out the date is just some guy who was grateful a pretty girl was giving him the eye.

Robert arrives at the party upset and announces the WSB has ordered him to retire.

Maxie asks for help with finding Dante. Robert says he knows where Dante is, but can't reveal the whereabouts. Maxie says Lulu needs Dante. Robert counters that Lulu needs Dante to be whole and healed because right now he's a security risk. When Robert takes a call from a fellow agent, he mentions Dante's location, which Maxie overhears. Maxie tells Peter she knows where Dante is and they'll bring him home. (The writing for Maxie here, makes her look like the biggest moron ever.)

Someone breaks into Lulu's house. When Joss gets there, she sees the door ajar. Instead of calling the police or one of Sonny's guards, she heads into the house and finds an intruder. It turns out the intruder is none other than Sonny's Turkish pickpocket kid. (Money to all of you who said we weren't finished with that kid after that story!)

(**Apologies to everyone for not posting Monday's recap, but the Raptors victory parade and celebration was covered on every television channel bumping GH from the schedule. (WOOHOO Raptors!!)

I want to say that after catching the episode online this morning, I really liked what I saw of Cynthia Watros as Nina. Also, Valentin needs to get a grip on himself because if he's not careful, he'll end up pushing Nina and Jax together. Which I would not hate!!**)