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Perkie's Observations: Liz Helps Kim Ride the Grief Tide on General Hospital

Rebecca Herbst, Tamara Braun

Rebecca Herbst, Tamara Braun

Sonny demands to know why Dev was robbing Dante's house. Dev claims he stopped the guy who was actually robbing the house. Sonny wants to know why Dev is in Port Charles. Dev says he took some of Raj's money, and bought himself a fake passport and a plane ticket. He says if he's caught, he will be deported and killed in Turkey.

Carly continues to worry about Jason investigating Shiloh. He promises to stay with her until Joss and Sonny get back from the station. Carly says she wants Joss to see a therapist. She tells Jason about the seance. Jason warns her she can't fix everything for Joss.

Willow explains to Michael that she didn't kill her father in a literal sense (told ya so!!). She explains her dad joined DOD along with her mom, but mom eventually drove him out. Willow says her father kept reaching out to her, but she ignored him.

Willow says she finally decided to meet with her father, but Shiloh chose that night for her initiation. Willow chose DOD over her father. The next day, her father was found dead in his bathroom. Willow blames herself for not being there when her father needed her.

Alexis briefly runs into Neil and Diane witnesses it. Diane notices Alexis' reaction to the good doctor and wants all the details. Alexis admits that Neil is treating both her and Kristina, and there is some interest there.

Alexis says she's trying to respect Neil's boundaries, but is curious about him. Diane checks online and finds a death notice for Neil's daughter.

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Franco runs into Drew and the two make small talk about the trip to Africa. Drew mentions that Kim is not doing well and isn't dealing with her grief. Drew's thankful he has Franco to vent to and is willing to be the brothers they once were. Franco mentions that he and Liz never had a proper wedding celebration and are planning something. Drew promises to be there.

Liz stops by to check on Kim, who admits the trip was nice, but the grief and pain got worse once she was back home. Liz says Kim can lean on her and Julian. Kim tells Liz she talked to Julian about having a baby with him.

Liz wonders why she's considering it in her grief. Kim swears she's not trying to replace Oscar, but doesn't know how to deal with not being a mother. Liz reassures her and tells Kim to give herself time to heal.

Neil heads to Kevin's office for a session. Neil confesses to Kevin that he has conflicting feelings about a patient. Neil says he knows what she's going through and he's dealing with the same issue. Kevin reminds Neil he can't involve a patient in his personal life.

Sonny explains to Lulu who Dev really is. Sonny tells Chase that Dev is a family friend who scared off the burglar. Dev is released.

After they leave, Chase wants answers from Lulu, but she's not spilling any beans.

Sonny, Joss, and Dev get back to the house. Sonny announces to Carly that Dev will be staying awhile.