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Perkie's Observations: Valentin Wants the Scoop on Jax on General Hospital

James Patrick Stuart

James Patrick Stuart

Dev spends the night in the Corinthos' home and enjoys a hearty breakfast in the morning, much to Joss's concern. Joss wants details on how Dev and Sonny know each other, but Dev's not talking.

Sonny tells Carly the details and she wonders what people will say when they notice a strange boy hanging around their house. Sonny promises to get answers for her. He doesn't want Joss to know anything yet.

Valentin complains to Curtis about Jax, and how he's getting more involved with Crimson and Nina. Curtis says Nina can fight her own battles. Valentin is certain that Jax has an agenda and will do anything to protect Nina. He promises he will compensate Curtis well to dig into Jax's past.

Nina and Jax meet to discuss Crimson and her plans beyond Ava's cover. Nina wants Jax to back off, but Jax wants to be more hands on and work as a team. Nina threatens to quit, but Jax says the magazine thrives under her care.

Willow plans a school celebration on the last day. Franco, Liz, and Lulu arrive with a gift for her. Diane calls Willow to remind her to get to the courthouse in time to go over the case. Willow says she can't miss the kids' award ceremony, but Diane is adamant that she be on time.

Shiloh runs into Alexis at the courthouse and the two go a few rounds. Shiloh lays on the smarminess, saying he's worried about Kristina because she was his finest student. Shiloh mentions the pledge and how it was about Alexis.

Alexis says it's old news. Shiloh says he won't give up on the Davis women and he still has work to do with them. Diane arrives in time to get Alexis away from him. Alexis tells Diane that Wylie won't be safe from Shiloh until he's behind bars or in the ground. Diane warns Alexis to calm down.

Robert finds Jax to ask about Jerry's whereabouts now that Jax is back in town. Jax swears he doesn't know where his brother is. Robert reminds him that Jerry kept Robin captive and he will do something to Jerry if he comes sniffing around again.

Sonny meets with Robert to complain how the WSB was supposed to take care of Dev and keep him safe from Raj. Robert says he was let go by the WSB and he thought they gave Dev a new identity and some cash.

Sonny says there is still a target on Dev's back since some of Raj's men are still out there. Robert isn't concerned since it's clear that Dev can take care of himself.

Carly talks to Dev while Joss eavesdrops. Carly thanks Dev for helping Sonny and Dante in Turkey. Later, Joss confronts Carly, saying she overheard everything.

Curtis introduces himself to Jax and talks about taking over security at Aurora. He wants to know everything about Jax. Jax claims he has nothing to hide, but Curtis pulls out a heavy file on him.

Willow tries to leave after the awards ceremony, but Franco, Liz, and Lulu say they have another surprise for her. They are waiting for the principal. (Obviously to give her her job back.)

Diane goes toe to toe with Shiloh's lawyer Zara. Zara points out that Willow concealed her child and withheld parental rights. The judge arrives and wonders why Willow isn't in the courtroom.

Sonny gets home and tells Carly that Dev is on his own, and is no longer protected by the WSB. Joss asks how long Dev is staying. Sonny says Dev is staying for the summer and they'll tell everyone that he's Sonny's cousin.