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Ann Curry's Chasing the Cure Premieres Aug 8 on TBS and TNT

Ann Curry

The human body, unknown illnesses, and finding cures can still be a mystery, even to medical professionals. Now, ex-Today host Ann Curry is hosting a new show on TBS and TNT that seeks to find answers for unanswered questions. It is called Chasing a Cure and it is capitalizing on crowdsourcing to help bring relief to struggling individuals and their families. 

Chasing the Cure invites you to join a growing community of doctors and patients working together to help find answers to emotional, difficult and potentially unsolvable, medical challenges,” said the Turner networks. “We are tapping into the world of medical crowdsourcing, connecting doctors worldwide, online and on television, to help patients battling everything from life-threatening diseases to unusual ailments that are undiagnosed, misdiagnosed or uncured. This offers unprecedented access and opportunity for doctors around the world to collaborate cross- discipline – as well as at-home viewers – in an effort to solve medical mysteries and provide the best solutions in real time.”

Watch the inspirational trailer for Chasing the Cure below and tune in on August 8 when it premieres on TBS and TNT.

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