RuPaul is changing Hollywood and daytime, and people are sitting up and taking notice. Newsweek described RuPaul's new talk show The RuPaul Show as living Pride year round. 

Now he's taking his brand of love and acceptance to daytime with his new talk show RUPAUL. It's unlike any other talk show currently on TV and is a perfect example of what it means to live Pride all year round. For example, where else will you see Adam Lambert talk about the new man in his life and also spotlight Sarah Cunningham, an Oklahoma mother who started "Free Mom Hugs" to combat homophobia in her community—all that in one episode, airing Monday, June 24 on select Fox stations.

When asked by the magazine what he'd ask President Donald Trump if he were a guest, he replied Trump would never face a drag queen because drag queens tell the truth.

If Donald Trump were a guest on RUPAUL, what would you ask him? 

Well, first of all, he would not be a guest because he wouldn't want to have a real conversation. Donald Trump is a con man. It's like The Emperor's New Clothes, drag is the person in the audience who says, "Yes, the emperor is not wearing any clothes." And that's what drag is about. A con man would never want to be in the presence of a drag queen because the drag queen is going to tell the truth.

The RuPaul Show is in the midst of a three-week trial run in major markets. Check your local Fox listings or watch recent episodes below!