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DC #932: He's Baaack! Ambitions Creator Jamey Giddens Returns to Daytime Confidential

Daytime Confidential Podcast Episode #932: He's Baaack! Ambitions Creator Jamey Giddens Returns to Daytime Confidential
Will Packer, Robin Givens, Tina Perry, Jamey Giddens, Ambitions

He's baaack! Ambitions' Creator Jamey Giddens returns to Daytime Confidential to talk with Luke Kerr about his new show on OWN.

Jamey shares his journey, from initially developing a story bible for Will Packer for a syndicated daytime soap opera to the primetime soap that Ambitions became.

He talks about casting Robin Givens, Brian White, Kendrick Cross, Essence Atkins, Brely Evans and Erica Page. He shares what it was like to get notes for the first time and how he dealt with budgets, writing around actor's projects and being on-set.

Mara Hall, Erica Page, Brely Evans, Kendrick Cross, Tina Perry, Will Packer, Robin Givens, Brian White, Jamey Giddens

Jamey shares what it's like to work with film and TV visionary Will Packer. Find out Packer's nickname for Jamey and how Jamey loved his hands-on collaboration on the development of Ambitions.

Was it surreal for Jamey to go from covering Oprah on Daytime Confidential to developing a show for OWN and receiving a bottle of champagne from the former Queen of Daytime at Ambitions' premiere?

Giddens is honest about how soul crushing it was to watch so many daytime soap operas get canceled and how he embraced the Law of Attraction to combat his bitterness. When he finally let go of his dream of writing for daytime, opportunities presented themselves.

Jamey teases the soap opera Easter Eggs he's hidden throughout Ambitions' 18-episodes. He shares how his character Karen Carlivati is named after his writing mentor former General Hospital and Port Charles Head Writer Karen Harris and Days of Our Lives' Head Writer Ron Carlivati. He also teases how a one Lucinda Kerr "has been giving Stephanie the business as long as Stephanie can take without clapping back."

What soap couple ships does he hope viewers gravitate to?

The ratings for Ambitions' premiere were good, but Jamey isn't above asking Daytime Confidential's loyal listeners to watch Ambitions live and DVR time-slot competitor POSE.

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Jamey and Luke then talk about the final season of Game of Thrones, Danny's dark turn and whether-or-not Cersei received a death worthy of her villiany. Luke then asks about which daytime soaps Jamey has tuned in for since Ambitions' production wrapped and Jamey shares his thoughts on General Hospital, Days of Our Lives and The Young and the Restless.

Victor and Nikki make a surprise visit to Daytime Confidential in the final minutes of the podcast.

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