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Ambitions Vixen Erica Page on Bella's Secret Affair: "She Deeply Loves Evan"

Nighttime soap star teases steamy relationship
Brian White, Erica Page

Brian White and Erica Page

OWN viewers found out Mayor Evan Lancaster (Brian White) is having an affair with his wife Stephanie's (Robin Givens) friend and designer Bella Tru (Erica Page) last week during the premiere of Ambitions. Does Bella really love Evan, or is she just having sex with him to further her career as a fashion designer?

"She loves Evan. She deeply loves Evan," says Page of her alter ego's motivations during Ambitions first few episodes. "She’s really kind of delusional because she really does think  they can somehow work in Bella-land."

Page teases Bella won't remain naive where Evan is concerned for long. "As the show goes on, she does learn and grow to accept that, 'Okay, I have to accept it for what it is."

Yet, according to Page, Evan and Bella's genuine love for one another will remain a constant throughout some pretty spectacular plot twists and dicey moments. "There is always, always going to be a love there. As the show goes on, you will see, in so many crazy moments, he is the one that’s always there when she gets screwed over by a lot of people! [Laughs] But he’s always there. There’s a deep love for sure."

But what about Stephanie, Bella's client, benefactor and confidant? "Initially, I think it's [betraying Stephanie] not even an issue that’s brought up. But as time goes on, yes, there is a huge fear and nervousness."

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