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Perkie's Observations: Bobbie Gets Some Answers on General Hospital

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Bobbie Spencer, General Hospital

Jackie Zeman, William deVry

Willow insists she needs to leave, but everyone forces her to stay. The principal arrives and says he's inviting her back next year to teach based on some parent and faculty requests. Nina of course, has to announce she wasn't one of them, but agrees that Willow should stay.

When the principal asks to have Willow go over her new contract, Willow insists again, that she has somewhere else to be. Nina questions where she would need to be that is so important.

The judge is upset that Willow hasn't arrived in court yet. Diane calls Chase to get him to find Willow. The DA wants to move forward without Willow, saying they have the birth records from the hospital. Diane questions how they got the records since they're privileged and Willow didn't sign a release.

Ava and Maxie argue over which dress to wear on the Crimson cover. Ava is distracted by a text, which she explains to Maxie. The text is a confirmation for a dinner reservation that Ava had made for her and Kiki, one year after the article on Dr. Bensch came out.

Curtis is shocked that Jordan released herself from the hospital early and finds her at the police station. Jordan says she's just checking in before Mac takes over and agrees she's still recovering.

Curtis says she needs to take it easy. Mac is ready to take over, which is what concerns Jordan. She says disability pay is only 50% of her salary and is worried about the bills. Curtis says he took the security job at Aurora.

Curtis explains that Valentin hired him to check out Jax and Jax hired him as the company's security expert. Jordan's not happy with the setup and questions why Curtis would go into business with Valentin.

Jax and Joss talk about Sonny's "cousin", and Jax offers to have Joss move in with him. Joss says she's comfortable at her mother's. The two head to Crimson where Joss snarks out Ava. Just because she's her mother's daughter that way.

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Jax tells Joss to back off, then tells Maxie he wants Joss to do a summer internship at Crimson. Maxie is thrilled, but Joss is not. Jax rejects the idea of the internship.

Michael updates Jason that the drug overdose victim was Willow's father and he's certain Shiloh actually murdered him. Jason needs proof and wants to go to Beechers Corners. Michael's worried about Jason's legal troubles and offers to go in his place.

Brad's at the hospital with abdominal pains and declares he's dying. Bobbie assures him it's an anxiety attack and wonders what would be causing it. Carly happened to be there and realizes Bobbie doesn't know what's happening with Wylie.

Lucas shows up and Bobbie learns everything. Bobbie asks what will happen if the court asks to unseal the adoption records. Lucas says they can't be unsealed because Julian got rid of them. Bobbie is not happy and heads out to find Julian.

Jax tells Nina (Valentin wants in on the conversation like the tired little boy he is) that Curtis is the head of security. This surprises Nina, who wonders why Curtis would take a corporate job.

Joss tells Maxie about the seance while Ava eavesdrops. Joss believes it worked because Oscar appeared to them as ripple of water in the glass. Joss says it felt good to have closure. Ava decides to accept the dinner reservation for Kiki.

Lulu mentions receiving the invitation to Friz's marriage reception. Liz says they found the perfect venue, but Franco interrupts saying he got a call the place has mold issues. Lulu offers the Haunted Star, but Liz turns it down. Franco thinks it's the perfect place.

Bobbie finds Julian and smacks him in the face. (Is she also going to smack Sam? She was there when the records were destroyed. Why is Julian the only bad guy here?)

Chase gets Willow to the courthouse, but the judge is not happy with her tardiness. The judge rules in Shiloh's favor and demands that Willow divulge all the details of her baby's adoption.